Monday Memo No. 30

Everything you need to shop from the Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen collection which LAUNCHES TODAY, a non-partisan guide to becoming an informed voter, the wine preservation system that blew my mind, the super chic wool coats I’m hoarding, a killer collection of cashmere basics that are currently 40% off, and the latest Netflix show I’m binge-watching.

Everyone everywhere is emphasizing the importance of voting (as they should!), but precious little social media attention is spent on becoming an informed voter, which is essential.  It's okay to admit if you're not feeling as informed about the actual candidates and policy issues as you'd like to be because this article makes it easy for you.  It outlines how to read up on what's happening and how to identify which candidates align with your values on issues that matter most.  It's completely non-partisan, so no matter what side of the aisle you fall on, give it a read and then VOTE!

I mentioned this rockstar collab in last week’s Monday Memo and spent the week on the edge of my sartorial seat.  As of 9AM this morning on, it’s here, it’s gorgeous, literally stop what you’re doing and add to cart because it will sell out insanely fast.  The suit I'm wearing in today's photos are from the collection along with the adorable floral scarf tied around my bag.  There are so many amazing workwear pieces (peep the dreamiest midi dresses, pencil skirts, chic blouses and these PANTS!) and personally, I'll be racing to get this STUNNER in my cart as well as... well basically everything.  GO GO GO!

I've always been aware of & Other Stories, but for some reason, they've kind of flown under my radar until recently.  Think of it as a slightly elevated version of an H&M or Mango, full of pieces that feel right on trend, but not so experimental that you’d only wear them for one season.  I basically want every single item on their site ESPECIALLY THEIR COATS.  I have an old camel coat that I constantly get asked about (alas, it's sold out) but this is a gorgeous and really reasonably priced similar option (check out the subtle herringbone texture!).  And, just in case you're concerned about the quality since the price point is so low, my friend Helena wore this gorgeous wonder the other night and seeing it in person, I would have guessed it was a $1,500 coat.  I'm buying everything.


Craving cashmere?  It’s fall, you’re supposed to.  Thankfully there are some real stunners on sale right now at Bloomingdale’s. I bought a bunch of these last winter for the first time and ended up wearing them constantly. Right now they're almost 40% off, so snatch them up while you can!

Everyone’s talking about The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, and I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not a big fan of horror... but 'tis the Halloween season amiright?  And, enough (trusted) opinions have spoken so highly of this new Netflix series because of its compelling story, that I’m willing to get it a try.  It’s early, but I’m into it.  I also want to live in a (not haunted obvs) giant mansion with a sweeping staircase.

Sooooo, I’m gonna stop wasting wine now, k?  I just discovered the Coravin Wine System (I know, I'm late to the party), and early reports are that it is LIFE CHANGING. This system lets you open a bottle of wine without—wait for it—actually opening the bottle of wine.  A thin needle inserted through the cork gives you access to the wine without oxidizing the full bottle.  Sad down-the-drain half bottles will never happen again.  You can drink one or two glasses and the bottle will still last for months.  I'm shook.

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  1. Just love the way the scarf is used to offset the straight lines of the suite ……stunning …yay !! And what a pretty scarf it is…to lovely !!

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