MONDAY MEMO Feb 5, 2018

Monday Memo No. 3


Depending on your height, weight, diet and activity levels, you should be drinking anywhere from 70 to 100 ounces of water a day.  For some reason, this is typically quoted in terms of eight ounce-glasses like the commonly-reference rule of thumb—drink eight glasses of water a day!  However, if you’re drinking out of an eight-ounce glass, this means you’re supposed to remember to get up and refill your glass 8-11 times a day.  If you’re capable of doing this, kudos.  But do you have a chart?  Do you keep a tally?  Assuming your day is also populated by work or literally any activity other than drinking water, how do you remember what glass you’re on after, say, glass number four or five without losing count?  This may seem like an absurdly easy/obvious fix, but when kickstarting my fitness goals this year, as one does, I bought this 32-ounce water bottle from Amazon, and it has been a game-changer.  All I have to remember is to refill it three times a day and I’m properly hydrated.  Easy-peasy.

NEW BOOK: Little Fires Everywhere by Celest Ng

I can’t seem to turn around lately without someone telling me about this book, so I’m officially jumping on the bandwagon.  I’m only a couple chapters in but so far SO GOOD.  Have any of you read it yet??

BINGE-WATCHING: Grace and Frankie

If you haven’t added this Netflix series to your list, do it now.  The cast is spectacular—Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston, Brooklyn Decker, and (my personal favorite) June Diane Raphael.  You will die laughing.


I’m a completely hopeless sugar addict.  I’m telling you, I can park away sweets like nobody’s business, and chocolate is a particular weakness.  HOWEVER, I’ve been (reluctantly) learning more and more about the horrendous effects sugar has on our bodies, and slowly attempting to cut back.  Enter Lily’s chocolate.  If you’re unfamiliar, Lily’s chocolate is a company that makes stevia-sweetened low-calorie chocolate that’s certified gluten free.  They have tons of different chocolate chips and bars, but if you’re skeptical, I dare you to try a salted almond bar and tell me you don’t love it.  SO delicious and completely sugar free.


I recently bought a pair of ivory Goldsign jeans (which I LOVE and highly recommend!!) and promptly had a friend accidentally spill red wine all over me (HI ROB, LOVE YOU).  Thankfully, my assistant introduced my to the magic of wine away.  Am I the only person on planet earth that didn’t know about this magic potion?!  I was trying all kinds of weird DIY remedies that popped up on google (none of which worked) and then one spritz of wine away and the STAIN. WAS. GONE.


As mentioned, I’ve been doing tons of skincare research in advance of a boatload of skincare posts that I’ll be publishing this year (starting VERY SOON).  One brand that I keep coming across and have begun to test is Epionce.  It’s a brand that was started by dermatologist Dr. Carl Thornfeld (trained by Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling) whose products are clinically proven to repair and strengthen skin.  I’ve been using their Lytic Gel Cleanser and their Intense Defense Anti-Aging and Repair Serum and absolutely loving both.


If you frequent retailers like Net-A-Porter or Moda Operandi, it’s high time you add The Modist to your line up of favorite shopping destinations as well.  This luxury e-tailer focuses on “modest” fashion, but their is nothing modest about the brand line-up or insanely amazing styles.  They’ve been on my radar since opening their digital doors in March 2017, and have been blowing my mind ever since.  You can read more about the site and its founder in this Vogue article.  Especially if you’re looking for top notch quality in styles that pack a seriously chic punch while still dressing conservatively for a professional environment, this is your new go-to.

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10 Responses to Monday Memo No. 3

  1. Ray says:

    Staying hydrated just comes to me naturally now. I worked my way up to 3.5 litres a day.

  2. I need to begetter about being hydrated. ALSO, how much do you adore Grace & Frankie? Literally, both are my spirit animal. x

    chevrons & éclairs

  3. Samantha says:

    I am definitely going to start using that wine away stuff! Toooooo many pieces with wine stains gone to waste!

  4. Nikki says:

    Again loved this edition too!
    Every week I feel like Monday couldn’t get here sooner to read some more Memos.

    I’m going to be starting Little Fires Everywhere, saw so much about it on Goodreads too so I’m highly intrigued. Also thanks for the tip about the wine stain, I had no idea too!


  5. Supriya Panwar says:

    I really likes this post. You compiled everything so well and so informative. 🙂
    Insta ID: supriya_1119

  6. I’m pretty good about staying hydrated. I keep a bottle on my desk and just fill it up as I go along. BTW—Love that NYC shot at the beginning of the post!

  7. Tiffany says:

    I’m so happy you’re watching Grace & Frankie!! It’s so funny!! I’ve been telling my girl friends about it since season 1 haha. Thank you for Wine Away tip, I see needing that in my future.

  8. Gilda says:

    Love your round-up. Thank you!

  9. Beth says:

    The NYC photo in the background of the “Monday Memo” is beautiful! Is there somewhere where I can view a larger version?

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