MONDAY MEMO Oct 8, 2018

Monday Memo No. 28

Open laptop on wooden desk with notebook, pen, glass of water and an iphone.

Product image of Upright Go posture trainer and app on phone also featuring a man and women

Upright Posture Saver

Attention Laptop Nation: Do you slouch?  Spoiler: You slouch.  We spend so much time hunched over our laptops like fairytale goblins—and our backs are the ones doing the suffering.  I’ve heard amazing things about the Upright GO posture trainer, and started using it about two weeks ago.  So far, it’s worked wonders for my less-than-perfect desk posture.  It’s a small device that adheres to your upper back (it lays perfectly under a shirt so no one will know it’s there) and vibrates to remind you to sit up straight.  An app tracks your progress and gives you feedback.  Straight up, I’m super into this.

Women wearing a white silk Tibi blouse with black Tibi pants and heels.

Tibi’s Online Sample Sale

Have you heard about the Tibi Sample Sale?  Okay great because I’m dying to tell you about the Tibi Sample Sale.  Score up to 80% off RTW and accessories from this beloved brand, and when I say there are some steals in here, I mean it.  A few favorites: this gorgeous silk top, the perfect leather moto jacket, and this stunning velvet dress.  The sale ends Thursday, 10/11 at 11:59pm.  So you have some time, but not much.  If you like wearing things in… you know… your size, get moving!

Net-a-Porter sale banner with grey background and "Sale" in large red type/

Net-A-Porter Fall Sale

Speaking of killer sales, Net-A-Porter is also having a sale you don’t want to miss, offering 10% off across the site with code FWFASHION.  It includes the emerald green coordinates (dress here and cardigan here) I’m wearing in this recent instagram post as well as much of the look I’m wearing in this recent post.  Of course, it’s a great time to get a discount on the designer clothing (hello stunner), shoes, and bags you love, but don’t sleep on beauty.  Personally, I’m snatching up a fresh Artis foundation brush—they’re just the most game-changing tools for evenly applying foundation.  I’ve waxed on about them in the past in this post, if you want to read more!  Take note, this sale also ends on October 11th, so hop-to.

Flat lay image of Organic Yerba Mate bag with cup of dried yerba mate, spoon and mug.

Gisele’s “Secret Wellness Weapon”

All I need to see are the words “Gisele’s “Secret Wellness Weapon,” and you have my attention.  However, I was worried I’d have to mix like eight random ingredients together including charcoal from atop the highest magical mountain, etc. etc.   Turns out, the Brazilian supermodel adores mate which has been on my radar forever, though admittedly it’s been tough to swap out coffee for this naturally caffeinated, herbal alternative. The backing of a supermodel who is clearly incapable of aging was just the push I needed…

Product image of a grey weighted blanket on white background.


You’ve probably seen ads for weighted blankets popping up in your Instagram feed, and there’s a reason they’re trending: they’re actually FANTASTIC.  Intended to help with anxiety and insomnia, a weighted blanket feels essentially like a hug and helps with all-around chilling out.  I’ve talked about my insomnia in the past, and I can’t tell you how much this has helped me sleep more soundly through the night.  Obsessed.

Image of a cable cord clip holder on desk with cords in place.

Cable Clip Cord Holders

While my cable and cord situation isn’t quite at 1999 chaos levels, I still find it really annoying when my charger cord falls off my bedside table every. single. night. and I’m reduced to digging around under the bed with one flailing arm.  Cable clips are the answer.  I have them at my desk, next to my bed, in my bathroom, everywhere.  Total game changers.

Image of Zara retailer doors and storefront.

Zara Same-Day Delivery in NYC

Did you know Zara will do same-day delivery in NYC?!  I basically fell off my chair when my friend Blair recently told me that Zara now offers this.  Of course, I’ve been an enormous fan/over-user of Net-A-Porter’s similar service, but having Zara at your fingertips when you realize that you have nothing decent to wear tonight and no time to run to the store is next-level life changing.  Hail to the Zara.  FYI, orders must be placed Monday – Friday by 1pm to be delivered the same day between 6pm and 10pm EST in New York City.  The service is $9.95 and you can read full details here.

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  1. samantha says:

    Zara does same-day delivery?? This is going to be dangerous.

  2. grace atwood says:

    I NEED that posture app!!!

  3. Nikki says:

    Oh The Tibi Moto Jacket was so damn cool! But it’s sold out now, so can’t get my hands on it! Cannot believe the prices are slashed down by almost 80%!


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  5. This is going to be dangerous.

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