Zoot Suit

Shot by Alexander Scott Harris Jacket: Reiss  |  Vest: Reiss  |  Pants: Reiss  |  Shoes: Call It Spring (also love these ones)  |  Polish (a little twist on the classic french manicure): Essie (Sand Tropez / Blanc) Co-opting yet another menswear classic, I’m a big fan of this three-piece suit.  Especially if you have to wear suits to the office everyday or if you’re in a particularly conservative work environment, this might be a refreshing way to mix up the standard shells and blouses that you’re used to pairing with your suit jackets.  And, if you live in a place that gets as sticky and hot in the summer as NYC and have to keep that jacket on all day, you know that going sleeveless under suit jackets is essential to survival.  Since I’m not wearing a shirt with the vest (I should say “waistcoat,” or “gilet” for those saucy European minxes out there), I’m wearing this black camisole underneath to safeguard against any unwanted cleavage-bearing moments.  If you’re very busty or if these vests don’t fit you in a way that will allow you to wear them as styled above, check out how Reiss styled the vest with a white blouse underneath, that I think is also really beautiful.   Finally, I’ve paired the suit with these black mules, which would be perfect for creative and casual environments, but if you’re in a conservative workplace, you may need to go with a classic pair of black pumps (like these).  Overall, I chose to style the ensemble in a way that was in line with la mode de rigueur, but if you’re planning to replicate this look in your own way, be sure to alter according to what best suits you and your office.  Because getting fired for wearing sandals is a super embarrassing way to get fired.   Shop the Post: Turn on your JavaScript to view content