The Best Holiday Gifts: Tech Gadgets

For my next trick, I will round up the most essential tech gifts to give people in your life who love gadgets or just desperately need them.  Yesterday kicked off my week of gift guides where I’m bringing together my best ideas and the amazing submissions you sent my way on instagram stories last week.  Today it’s time to talk tech.

Below, check out 14 of the very best tech-forward ways to delight someone you love this year—or just ways stop annoying problems so you can both spend more time having fun.

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Watch Series 4


Apple Watch Straps


Echo Dot – On Sale


Car Starter


Mini Projector for Iphone


Hero7 Digital Camera


Apple TV


Home Gym


Wonderboom Speaker


Hair Dryer (also available HERE)


Heated Blanket


Battery Pack


Video Doorbell


Smart Plug


We use our headphones every single day—so they should be really, really good. I’ve got my eye on AirPods for everyday commuting because everyone who has them RAVES about them.  They’re lightweight and easy to keep in your bag, and the cord-free convenience is (apparently) life changing.  Another killer option? Bose noise canceling headphones for the airplane and/or keeping at your desk and listening to Spotify, Podcasts, Ted Talks, you name it—all with perfect sound.


An essential for anyone who is busy or just misses using a watch, this is where tech gifts as the “big” gift really get to shine.  As you know, I’ve had my apple watch for roughly four months and am completely obsessed with the at-a-glance notifications, activity tracking, everything.  Now, if this was a “big” gift you gave last year, might I suggest to give (or ask for) a stunning Apple Watch band by Lagos?  Their jewelry-esque straps take care of any overly sporty issues posed by the more mainstream strap options.


Echo Dot – On Sale


Love your Amazon Echo but wish it didn’t take up so much room and also look oddly like an air purifier?  The Echo Dot is a genius solution. This much smaller take on an Echo allows you to add Alexa to every room, in an affordable and much more visually unobtrusive way.


Who loves getting in a freezing cold car?  Literally no one.  This automatic car starter allows you (or your giftee) to start and warm the car from the comfort of… not being in the freezing cold car.  Epic. It’s also got keyless entry which is convenient when your hands are ice cold and prone to dropping keys and also full of wonderfully hot coffee in a travel mug (like this one that is actually insane).


Bring your dreams of owning a vintage movie theater to life without committing to a lease or constantly smelling of popcorn.  A projector allows you to project video from a variety of inputs and project them whenever/wherever you like. Opt for a portable option and have fun with projecting movies outdoors!


All it takes is 60 seconds or so of YouTube GoPro video browsing to figure out why these are a good idea. Whatever activities your giftee is into, the GoPro is an incredibly durable, go-anywhere camera that will let them turn every moment of action into something worthy of an Oscar. Or at least a YouTube like.


Want to stop watching movies on your laptop and connect your home to an Apple TV?  DO IT.  This beauty brings every moment and facet of Apple entertainment to your television in 4K HDR which sounds very fancy.  This one also gets top marks as a “big” gift, too.



Then of course there’s THIS invention which is for any actual/aspiring fitness lover and is also proof that we live in the future.  When not in use, Mirror is… a mirror.  When in use, it becomes a gym in your home that tracks your biometric data and allows you to see yourself, your instructor, and your classmates in its interactive display. What. Is. Even. Happening.  I have many trustworthy friends who attest to the exceptional quality and variety of classes and swear this is a life-changer.  



After a workout from the future, there’s nothing like some perfect shower tunes coming from a convenient speaker that doesn’t mind water.  The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is known for delivering crisp, clear sound and being ultra waterproof.  This speaker is SO highly rated it’s a little silly, and comes in a plethora of colors to match to your giftee’s tastes.  Or maybe their bathmat.  Whatever.


Hair Dryer (also available HERE)


Because the future is here, and it’s also a beauty product, you need to gift someone special the world’s most science hair dryer, ever. Yes I’ve raved about this many times before and yes, Dyson is known for vacuums.  But given how they’ve revolutionized the technology of floor-cleaning, I was thrilled to find out what they can do for hair.  As it turns out, quite a lot.  This dryer will dry even the thickest hair MUCH faster and its cutting-edge technology will make your hair smoother and less damaged than any other dryer on the market.  If your giftee already has one, or is committed to their current brand, go for an Airwrap Styler (already sold out everywhere except HERE!) which dries and creates waves and curls without extreme heat.  Mind-blowing.


I love a blanket that takes its job seriously.  Heated blankets are a secret to success for anyone who lives in super cold climates and isn’t happy about it.  The Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket always stands out as an overall winner, and if you’re wishing it was cuter, don’t stress—this is one of those function over form gifts they’ll love because it works.


If you leave the house without an extra cell phone battery, you’re playing life fast and loose.  It’s always a smart idea to have some backup, and MyCharge is my favorite line.  I’m a fan of this one in particular because it’s all in one, there’s no extra annoying cords or plugs involved.  Get it for the friend whose phone is forever at 10%.



Anyone who likes knowing what’s going on everywhere at all times will be obsessed with the ability to keep tabs on their own front door. The Nest Hello lets you see who is knocking at your door, whether you’re on the couch or on vacation—you’ll always know what’s up. There’s also a very cool snapshot history that can show you up to three hours in the past, should you get stuck in a long hair appointment and need some entertainment.


You won’t know how you ever lived without the ability to turn things on and off without having to bother turning them on and off. Smartplugs are placed in your electrical outlets and instantly wire whatever’s plugged into them into an app in your phone and/or your Alexa. Turn on your coffee maker from bed, turn off your Christmas lights from bed, basically remain horizontal for the rest of your life and still get things accomplished.

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  1. I was going to get my parents an Apple TV for Christmas this year but I came home to find my mom had purchased one over Thanksgiving. I guess I am getting one for my Grandmother now. I LOVE my smart plugs! No more clicking timers or walking into my dark apartment during these dark days of winter.

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