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50 states of fashion

  • Stay Calm and Occasionally Pop Your Collar


    Stay Calm and Occasionally Pop Your Collar

    I’ve never been a big collar-popper. And by “never been a big collar-popper” I mostly mean that if the ability to ridicule popped collars were a professional sport, I’d be vying for the olympic team.  However, this has less to do with an actual hatred of popped collars and more to do with the fact that randomly conjuring up images of Mike “The Situation,” Fonzie, Danny Zuko and 90’s frat bros is both super easy and super fun.In reality, I’ve always vacillated between varying levels of loathing and loving the phenomenon.   Growing up, one of my impeccably dressed aunts would often don the…

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  • H&M Online Launch!


    H&M Online Launch!

    Today, I’m thrilled to be partnering with H&M for the official launch of their e-commerce site in the United States!  I’ll be honest, when H&M first approached me weeks ago about the collaboration, I wasn’t super familiar with their merchandise and didn’t know if they’d have a lot of office-ready pieces.  I don’t post anything that I don’t genuinely endorse, so I had to do a little leg work to make sure it was the right fit… After about 30 seconds in their giant Fifth Avenue store that I’m pretty sure the state of Rhode Island could fit into, my arms were overloaded with amazing pieces and…

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