How To Wear Pajamas 24/7 And Get Away With It (Even At Work)

A classic spin on the comfiest trend on the planet.

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A word about pajamas as clothes:  I know present-day trends can seem to have the shelf life of a yogurt cup, but pajama dressing isn’t one of them.  It has only been growing in popularity, and before you start balking, just hear me out on this one because I’m not just talking about the most literal interpretations of pajama dressing like the the bold satin set I’m wearing today.  I’m talking all sorts of pajama-inspired styles—draped lapels, piped cuffs, tie-waist silk blazers—the options are endless. We’ve seen PJ-inspired styles everywhere this summer (including on Celine Dion, praise it), but we’ve also seen signals from designers that it will play a big roll in autumn and winter this year, too.  It’s safe to say this style is inching its way out of the trend zone and working toward closet staple status.  Bravo, pajamas, you’ve done well for yourself.



Floral-Print Crepe Blazer (affordable option HERE)

Any time a new style hits our Instagram feeds or saunters past us on the street, we all wonder whether we could “pull it off” or whether it’s really “our style” or not.  First of all, you can pull off anything you want to–own it.  But, second, pajama dressing has way more versatility than you might think.  For example, the look I’m wearing here was perfect for a festive evening event and doesn’t feel wildly out of range for someone who favors colorful, classic, feminine, and even tailored style.  Belt cinching and a graphic floral print keep this look from feeling frumpy, and the right heel and a bold lip make it look event-ready, not couch-prone.



For the office-going crowd, the right pajama set or PJ-inspired suit can be a welcome alternative to the classic pant suit.  Maybe veer away from a dramatic print in canary yellow, but check out a few super chic examples below in solids or sleek stripes, to wear this crazy-comfy look without losing your professional polish.  I mean check out this stunning suit (jacket HERE and pants HERE) and tell me that wouldn’t be a killer look at the office.  Full disclosure, I just ordered it in black and ivory.  (Please pray to the self control gods for me.)



Sometimes all it takes is time and a little repeated exposure to wrap your head around a trend you’ve been iffy about. Especially when it’s a trend that involves wearing a version of clothes typically only seen by your dog and significant other.  But, I hope that time and a few awesome inspirational looks have built up your confidence, because this is a trend you shouldn’t sleep on. (I’m sorry but I can’t NOT hit that pun at least once.)


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    1. If you read the post, you’ll see that I’m not recommending the yellow floral set I’m wearing in the photos for an office environment. That’s why I list the white belted suit and other examples which would be perfect for the workplace, with PJ-inspired details.

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