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Care for a wine advent calendar anyone?  I WANT THIS.  Vinebox will send 12 different glasses of wine from around the world to help you countdown to the holidays.  Per their website, shipping and happiness are included.  If you’re shopping for a whiskey, gin or tequila lover, check out more boozy advent calendars here.
Cuyana makes the cutest travel case sets, perfect for keeping odds and ends together without resorting to unsightly plastic baggies. You can add monogramming to make them extra special and personal, or score other matching leather goods from the brand. I absolutely love these and these in blush. Another cute thing to do is order the recipient’s favorite travel-sized beauty products to tuck inside, like their favorite face cleanser, dry shampoo, concealer, etc.
A packable travel jacket is an absolute must in colder and unpredictable months. I am a huge fan of this one by Patagonia because you can shove it into the tiniest corner of your suitcase but thanks to the magic of down, it’s still incredibly warm. You’ll never be bummed it’s in your bag. Here’s another option that comes in gorgeous colors.
You really can’t (shouldn’t) just toss jewelry in your bag.  A compact travel jewelry case is the way to go. Even better if it’s stunning, like this one.  It takes up next to no room in your bag and keeps jewelry from arriving at your destination in a tangled ball of sparkle.
Hello, if you’re reading this and you’re related to me: I WANT THIS.  A cozy winter night with your nearest and dearest with a movie on and this sucker loaded up for the group to enjoy?  Sounds like actual heaven.  S’mores pro tip: try reese’s peanut butter cups in place of regular chocolate bars.  You’ll never be the same.
There’s a reason Instant Pot recipes are so plentiful online and in your Instagram feeds—they’re genius. They combine multiple functions into one insanely useful appliance: You can slow cook, pressure cook, sauté, sear, steam, make yogurt, it’s kind of a miracle. Great for any cook, but especially awesome for anyone cooking family-sized meals, the Instant Pot is the perfect holiday gift when holiday and housewarming overlap.
After a workout from the future, there’s nothing like some perfect shower tunes coming from a convenient speaker that doesn’t mind water.  The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is known for delivering crisp, clear sound and being ultra waterproof.  This speaker is SO highly rated it’s a little silly, and comes in a plethora of colors to match to your giftee’s tastes.  Or maybe their bathmat.  Whatever.
Then of course there’s THIS invention which is for any actual/aspiring fitness lover and is also proof that we live in the future.  When not in use, Mirror is… a mirror.  When in use, it becomes a gym in your home that tracks your biometric data and allows you to see yourself, your instructor, and your classmates in its interactive display. What. Is. Even. Happening.  I have many trustworthy friends who attest to the exceptional quality and variety of classes and swear this is...
Who loves getting in a freezing cold car?  Literally no one.  This automatic car starter allows you (or your giftee) to start and warm the car from the comfort of… not being in the freezing cold car.  Epic. It’s also got keyless entry which is convenient when your hands are ice cold and prone to dropping keys and also full of wonderfully hot coffee in a travel mug (like this one that is actually insane).
Ok this one's probably going to be a gift for yourself, but I've gotten about 2 trillion DMs asking for my puffer coat suggestions and if you don't like the length of the puffer coat maxi I shared last week, take a gander at this beauty.  It’s 60% off (!!!) during Macy's early Black Friday sale, and comes in six glorious colors. The shape is super flattering and it’s poliished enough to wear to work.  I love everything about it...
The Sephora perfume sampler is always one of my favorite gifts because the recipient gets 15 samples.  Once they've tried them all and decided on a favorite, they can take the included certificate to any Sephora and get a full-sized bottle of their scent of choice.  That’s just genius. And speaking of gifts from for the beauty lover, my ideal Christmas week is going to be spent on my parents’ couch in my favorite pajamas, with this blanket, watching Netflix...
I mentioned this wonder list last week but it's worth repeating. Oprah's Favorite Things is a treasure trove of gift ideas.  Not just for giving, by the way. If you’re struggling to make out your own wish list (and a certain someone does much better with a little guidance) this list will open up a world of good gift knowledge you didn’t even know was out there. Get after it here.

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