Monday Memo No. 32

The sweatpants I’m living in, the cutest (super affordable!) handbags, my favorite winter candles and lots more!

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Chain Belt (vintage, similar HERE and HERE)


Metallic Handle Bag


Flap Cross-Body Bag (similar HERE)

NYC style blogger Mary Orton - 30 Dresses in 30 Days

Pants? Never heard of her. I’m so excited for this season’s edition of 30 Dresses in 30 Days, and there are lots of fun new additions happening this time around (did you see the special guests who joined me in Friday’s post?). Check out today’s Meet the Parent’s post here, and keep an eye on your email inbox on Sundays when I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of the dresses coming up in the week ahead exclusively with email subscribers. In other words, you get to shop them early before they sell out!  Sign up here if you haven’t already.

If you’re not yet living in them, please know that the Erin & Sara Sara Joggers by Sub-Urban Riot are the best and last pair of sweatpants you may ever need in your life. They are the softest, comfiest living room pants I’ve ever owned, and the entire line is pretty incredible (and funny!) too.  I love the “Sara” joggers because they keep a really nice, slim shape yet the inside fleece lining is the most cozy, delish thing you'll ever put against your skin.

Have you heard of Loofa? It’s a very cool, very necessary service that scrubs the internet looking for ways your personal information is exposed to hacking/thieving/general bad stuff. It’ll help you keep your personal info secure so that you can go forth and internet safely.  My friend Kat recently had a real-life nightmare with hacking and identity theft, so I’ve been upping my internet security big time. The service is $3/month or $30/year, and worth every penny.

Are you into velvet scrunchies yet? If not, WELCOME FRIENDS. Call me crazy, but I’m getting very into the scrunchie revival and these velvet beauties come in the prettiest colors. If you needed permission to wear these again, consider it granted. Best $11 I’ve spent on Amazon all year.

Breaking News: Mango’s bags are so cute AND AFFORDABLE right now. I’ve been carrying this one all week (HOW CUTE?) and I have my eye on roughly 1,000 others. If you’ve been wanting to try some of the super fun, super trendy handbag styles that have populated your Instagram feed lately, this is the perfect place to do it guilt-free.

You know I’ve been wearing my vintage Chanel chain belt like it’s my job, so naturally I get a ton of questions about where to shop them. My answer: The RealReal. There are so many amazing options that you’ll keep forever, and as a bonus it 100% feels like a treasure hunt.

I love you summer, but I’m not interested in my home smelling faintly of coconut or florals when it’s about to be snowing outside. Now is the perfect time to winterize your home scent, and there’s nothing like a good smell memory (they’re real) to put you in the right mood for the holidays. Start with one of my faves, the Diptyque Feu de Bois or Jo Malone's Pine and Eucalyptus (SO GOOD), and if you’re feeling more adventurous/you live somewhere warm and really need to shine on that wintery feeling, D.S. & Durga’s Portable Fireplace candle truly delivers on its name.

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