Monday Memo No. 18: Travel Edition

A round-up of the travel accessories I never leave home without!

You've heard me wax on about the Senreve Maestra bag many times in the past, but I can't emphasize how fantastic it is while traveling.  You can read the full post here on this bag and all its wonders, but in particular, the ability to transform the bag into a backpack so that you can be completely hands-free while on-the-go (especially with suitcases!) is mission critical.  It now comes in three sizes and a million colors (you can check out the full line-up here, and they're also sold on Shopbop and Nordstrom), but as far as I'm concerned, every woman needs this bag!


Maybe I'm turning into an old lady, but at this point, I care a lot less about whether the case is cute and a lot more about whether it successfully keeps everything organized and in one. dang. place.  I came across this makeup case a couple months ago and it has been a true life-changer for long trips.  I was skeptical at first because it's definitely on the large side, but then realized that its size allows ALL of my makeup and ALL of my toiletries to fit perfectly in one place.  I can't tell you how amazing it is not to deal with 5 separate bags of makeup, makeup brushes, hair products, shower products and miscellaneous toiletries while traveling.  The movable dividers allow me to organize everything perfectly and the black, waterproof material makes it super easy to clean.  There's nothing worse than getting some cute floral makeup bag and having your foundation explode on a flight the first time you use it rendering it marred forever.  Can't recommend these highly enough!

I've gotten a few requests for my favorite travel jewelry cases lately so here's a breakdown of the best of the best after loads of research:

The brand Wolf is probably the most popular on the market and the Caroline case, was featured in "Oprahs Favorite Things" in 2016. They have a lot of options, but my favorite is this one, a compact design that still holds a lot of jewelry. Not as suitable for larger costume jewelry, but for more precious and delicate pieces, it's the best.


Another great option is the Wodison Zipper Carry-on Case which has snaps to keep necklaces from tangling as well as earrings and rings in place. It also has lots of pockets and a removable pouch for chunkier accessories. The downside to this case is it is on the larger side and only comes in black.  A similar option is also available here which is a bit smaller and has more color options, but does not have as many compartments.

The last travel jewelry case worth mentioning is this fantastic hanging jewelry case made by Tumi.  It's a really nice size for traveling and super lightweight. Personally, I just love being able to hang it in the bathroom and see everything easily in one place.


I absolutely love this travel steamer which packs easily, heats up in less than a minute, has a powerful stream of steam and boasts up to ten minutes of steaming time.  Especially for skirts, dresses and blouses, this is a much easier way to get out the wrinkles than pulling out the hotel iron and ironing board.

This phone accessory is part case, part wallet, part cross-body bag and I can't tell you how convenient and amazing it is while traveling.  It's a sleek, slim leather case that also has a snapback pocket for any cards you want to keep handy while on the move.  The best part?  The case has a detachable cross-body strap that allows you to keep your phone at-the-ready without always having to be in your hand.  When I'm at home or at my desk, I easily remove the cross-body strap and it's just like holding your phone in any sleek case.  However, when on-the-go, the cross-body strap is indescribably wonderful.  I have my phone immediately available (not shoved into a handbag) but don't have to hold it in my hand.  It's incredibly convenient to have both hands free of my iPhone while walking around or hopping in and out of ubers, but as someone who has had her phone stolen in Paris before, it also adds extra security (so you're never setting it down and leaving it vulnerable on a cafe table!).  As mentioned, I bought this one from Amazon, but they also sell a ton of other styles at Nordstrom as well.  Easily one of the best purchases I've made lately and it doesn't hurt that they look really chic as well.

This electronic luggage scale is arguably the best $12 I've spent on Amazon.  I do not understand the physics of how something so small can accurately weigh a giant piece of luggage, but somehow, it never fails.  Not only do we use it before leaving for a trip to make sure our checked luggage is under the limit (you're likely shocked to hear that I'm occasionally known to overpack...) but we also always bring it with us (it's tiny and weighs virtually nothing) so that we can weigh our suitcases when packing to come home as well—either because we've made purchases while traveling or simply don't remember how we distributed our belongings across suitcases and need to make sure everything is underweight.

These squeezable travel bottles are my favorite for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face cleanser, you name it.  I love that they're silicone so they're easy to squeeze (no awkward ketchup bottle smacking situation like other travel-sized products) and they also have a convenient suction cup on the side which allows you to conveniently attach them to a mirror or shower wall.

9 thoughts on “Monday Memo No. 18: Travel Edition”

  1. I no longer take cake powder makeup on the road, after shattering my favorite discontinued shadow. I stock a travel kit with cream foundation, blush and shadow sticks, and a tube of loose powder.

  2. Sharon Leighty

    Great post! I bought your travel makeup case a few months ago and adore how you can configure the space to fit anything in your stash! May you share your favorite luggage you are displaying as you fly off to Paris?

  3. Question for you: I just bought the Dyson hair dryer on your recommendation because it looks more compact and I was hoping would cut down on drying time during an upcoming trip to Slovenia and Croatia (and I’m traveling with 4 boys–three under 10–so every minute counts). The instruction booklet says it can’t be used outside the US and not to try a voltage converter. I’m so bummed as this is how I justified the investment. Have you tried using it while traveling internationally? I’d prefer not to destroy it or blow up my family. 🙂 Do you have a different travel hair dryer you recommend instead?

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