The Best Vintage Furniture and Decor Stores in NYC & Online!

Your apartment’s cool factor just got bumped up a few notches.

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TOP: Diane von Furstenberg  |  JEANS: Goldsign (sold out, similar options HERE and HERE)  | HAT: Janessa Leone (sold out, similar HERE and affordable alternative HERE)  |  SANDALS: Veronica Beard (affordable alternatives HERE and HERE)  |  BAG: Cult Gaia  |  LIPS: Nars Lip Pigment (Under My Thumb)  |  EARRINGS: BaubleBar When it comes to home decor, I’m all about great pieces that you can score at the “big box” retailers we all know and love—you know, the CB2s and Pottery Barns of the world.  However, when it comes to really making your home feel like your home, I’ve always been drawn to the unique charm, character and personality that vintage and antique furniture can bring to a space.  Today, much of the furniture in our home—whether it’s our vintage Marcel Breuer dining chairs or the large burlwood cabinet in our living room—are antique pieces found at vintage furniture stores.  Today, I’m rounding up the best spots both in NYC and online where you can find gems like these!



I spent a good amount of time on my most recent Paris trip (all of my Paris trips, actually) searching for treasures at the flea markets in St. Ouen.  It’s a vintage and antique PARADISE and I can’t recommend a visit highly enough as there’s no shortage of opportunities to discover something amazing.  However, I don’t necessarily want to always have to cross an ocean to find something truly unique when it comes to home decor.  Closer to home, there are a few favorite destinations of mine for stumbling on something spectacular.  And if you don’t live in New York, fear not, the good ol’ internet will never let you down.





Repop: You know those stores you can’t walk past without feeling like you’ve made a huge mistake?  This is one of them.  Even if you’re not in the market, it’s hard to ignore a store this fun.  Gorgeous, high quality vintage finds so special that you feel like you really are in a different time are in high supply here.  The quality is excellent and you get the sense that everything is priced as exactly as it should be.  Make a Brooklyn vintage-ing day out of it with a few more of the locations below.


Brooklyn Reclamation: “Reclaimed” is the word you want to hear when you’re in the mood for a good vintage dig.  In addition to furniture, this place also offers custom pieces using reclaimed materials you can explore in-store.  This is perfect for anyone who loves vintage, but appreciates a good industrial piece as well! Fans of unique surfaces and tabletops will get lost here for hours.


Open Air Modern: Think of this as your mid-century modern emporium. Everything you’ve ever seen in someone’s stunning Apartment Therapy home tour and craved. It’s all here and in incredible condition. The highly curated nature of this showroom means that it’s less of a hunt or adventure, and more of a big-spender investment, but for the right piece, that’s just fine.


I Like Mikes: If you’re pretty much set on the furniture front and want to take things next-level, from accessories to decor pieces and art, you really need to see this place. It’s easy to get lost in the midst of vintage inspirations like antique clocks and Mad Men-esque ice buckets and come home with way more than you intended to, but I don’t necessarily see that as bad thing when we’re talking vintage.  Try not to buy an antique phone. I dare you.


Olde Good Things: A New York City staple, Olde Good Things is one of those “oh I’ll just look around” stores that you then walk out of with a new dining hutch and antique chandelier.  This place is timeless, which is funny because they sell vintage and antiques, but it’s hard to think of a more go-to spot in our beloved Big Apple.





AptDeco:  Anyone into shopping vintage furniture online has to be a fan of the thrill of the hunt.  If you think you’re going to find a pristine smoked glass coffee table in 20 minutes, we need to talk.  But don’t worry, on AptDeco, the hunt is likely to go really, really well.  It is a buy/sell platform (with delivery starting at $35!), and while it’s not exclusively vintage, if you don’t mind glossing over the occasional Ikea dresser, you can find some real gems here, at fantastic prices.


Chairish: Maybe the most genius idea in vintage furniture sales, ever, Chairish is Craigslist without the crap. This site is stocked with insanely rare, curated furniture finds, plus decor pieces and art, too! It’s a lot to look through, but if you have an eye (and a budget!) for truly amazing, original vintage furniture, start here.


Etsy: It’s really hard to compete with Etsy.  The massive volume here means that there are well-priced and unique items aplenty.  You might get lost among mid-century dressers and wicker chairs and wonder where the last two hours went, but for some of us that’s a hot Wednesday night well-spent.  Experiment with search terms to find just what you’re looking for.


Everything But The House:  If, like me, vintage furniture hunting is truly something you consider a sport, consider the auctions.  Everything But The House will have a smaller selection than the Etsys of the world, but nonetheless it’s an incredible (and fun!) source for striking gold.  Case in point, four Heywood-Wakefield chairs currently bidding at $65 for the set! Are we all about to get really into auctions again?  I think so.


1stDibs: It’s hard to argue with this antique and vintage mainstay.  While certainly pushing a higher price point than others, for those who know what they want (and know they want it in perfect condition), this is your one-stop shop for treasure.  Brace yourself for nonstop compliments from friends, and the occasional mini heart-attack when anything spills within ten feet of your prize.


TOP: Diane von Furstenberg  |  JEANS: Goldsign (sold out, similar options HERE and HERE)  | HAT: Janessa Leone (sold out, similar HERE and affordable alternative HERE)  |  SANDALS: Veronica Beard (affordable alternatives HERE and HERE)  |  BAG: Cult Gaia  |  LIPS: Nars Lip Pigment (Under My Thumb)  |  EARRINGS: BaubleBar

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  1. Well I clearly have been living under a rock these past years! How is it possible that a decor and vintage furniture loving girl who’s lived in NYC her whole life, has never heard of these brands before?! Well, you my dear are my hero because I am going to go check these brands out in more depth the minute I finish writing this. I love adding vintage furniture or decor in a modern environment because it creates a lovely contrast which I am all about and they compliment each other perfectly. The location of these photos is also perfect! Was it busy when you shot here because if so getting these shots could have been a challenge?

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