The Best Tights For Winter: Five Brands You Need To Know

Sick of spending a small fortune on tights every year that only last one or two wears before running?  SAME.  Also, while we’re on the subject, I’ve pretty much had it with the stretched out waistbands, the general weirdness that sometimes ensues after just one wash… all of the issues.  Before spending any more money, I was determined to identify which brands really, TRULY make the best tights, so did some serious testing myself and also took to Instagram to poll all of you. Your answers were, as always, super helpful, and I’m excited to share the results of this extremely necessary poll.

If last year’s pairs are worn out, torn, or simply impossible to find in the depths of your socks-n-such drawer, it’s time for a new pair or five.  But before re-ordering the same brands that keep letting you down, check out the best of the best below.  

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Velvet De Luxe Tights



The Queen of Tights, if you will, came in very highly recommended by readers, but they’re also my absolute favorites.  The quality is, in my opinion, largely unbeatable.  Whatever shape, pattern, or level of opacity you prefer, Wolford tights do precisely what they say they’re going to do.  They’re pricier than many others, but in my personal experience, it’s because they last ten times longer.  I’ve had this pair of black opaque tights for years and they’re still fully run-free. Dare I say they make an amazing holiday gift too?  Just a thought…


Most Recommended Overall: SPANX

By and large more of you voted for Spanx (also available here) than any other brand. It isn’t shocking, the brand that made shapewear a thing is bound to have tights with a cult following. Whatever kind of control or opaqueness you’re looking for, here’s a strong front runner for where to find it.



Most Resilient: HEDOINE

Coming in hot at 2nd most recommended, Hedoine tights are literally science. The brand uses 3-D knitting techniques to make tights that are totally seamless, and seriously run-resistant. They also come in a variety of waistband heights, meaning you can chose what’s most comfortable to you. Talk about smarty pants…


Most Comfortable: HEIST

Heist is a brand that took everything we knew about tights and changed the game—for the better. These seamless tights understand that women…you know, move during the day, with a waistband that responds to movement and wont roll down and make you super angry until you can get to a bathroom. Neat, huh?



Calzedonia tights, apart from having a million or so available designs to choose from, came very highly recommended by quite a few of you, and come in at prices that won’t make you freak out and just wear pants instead. The Italian brand covers all levels of opacity, all shaping options, you name it, they make it. And they’re good. Grazie mille.

There are far too many honorable mentions to count, but the heavy hitters for all-around solid tights come from Falke, DKNY, Hue, Commando, Ann Taylor andwait for it—H&M.  Who knew?  It’s going to be a chilly winter, do not leave your legs to their own devices.  Invest in a few Memorandum Reader-approved pairs, and take good care of them.  They’ll help you—and all the dresses you deserve to wear no matter the weather—stay chic and frostbite-free.

10 thoughts on “The Best Tights For Winter: Five Brands You Need To Know”

  1. First of all, I am loving the new look for your blog! It’s such a nice change and truly reflects your style and your content. Very classy. Speaking of classy, what a great selection of tights! I must admit, I’m not one to usually wear them that often because I haven’t found a pair I can manage to wear all day, however, I will have to take your suggestions to hand and give them a go. I think tights can really be a big game changer in one’s wardrobe if you find a pair you love and are comfy. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  2. Is there a rule of thumb for coordinating the level of opaqueness to your outfit? (Especially with corporate looks?)
    Also would love to know your thoughts on sheer tights!

    1. My general rule of thumb is that the dressier the outfit, the more sheer the tights should be. Opaque tights are generally more casual and not ideal for dressy dresses or dressy business outfits. Hope that helps!

  3. H&M tights (sheers and opaques) have been a comfy and afforable staple for me…in your words, they are game-changing. They make a 200 denier tight that is BLACK and fit snugly which helps avoid the “saggy tights” look…not cute at all.

  4. Two words: fleece lined. Urban Outfitters usually carries comfy ones. You need to replace them each year (or at least I do), but they are the keystone to my winter outfits (which is probably why I need to replace them each year).

  5. This article was SO helpful. I wear tights all winter but I forever feel like I’m investing in the wrong pieces and hate the way they look. Upon your recommendation I went out today and bought 2 pairs of Wolford tights, but I got them at a huge discount at TJ Maxx. After trying them on at home I can already tell they look better and are significantly higher quality than the cheap tights I normally get. Looking forward to wearing these all winter and possibly getting more!

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