Career Memo: The Best Professional Resources For Women, by Women

The resources we use, love and think you should know about.

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It’s been awhile since the last Career Memo post, but Lauren McGoodwin of Career Contessa and I are coming back strong.  If you missed the start of this collaborative series, check it out here!  Today, we’re talking career resources, specifically those created for women, by women. (Cue the applause.)

We consider ourselves so fortunate to be living and working in a time when there are more platforms and resources focused on helping women succeed than ever before.  Blogs, websites, podcasts, apps—you name it, we’re doing it.  And, there are tons of valuable tools at our disposal for career guidance that are innovative and smart.  Here are a few that we use, love, and think you should know about.

Career Contessa

There’s a reason I wanted to partner with Lauren McGoodwin, the founder of Career Contessa on this series—it’s simply the best of the best.  Career Contessa is an amazing source for women-centric career advice. The site features interviews with rockstar women in all industries, curates a job board, explores profiles on companies that provide benefits women want and need, offers free downloadable resources, a one-on-one career counseling program, online courses—you get the idea, it’s your one-stop shop for improving your hustle.  If you haven’t visited before, do it now (or maybe after you finish reading the rest of this post!) and sign up for a 28-day career kickstart—they’re free.

Bumble Bizz

Bumble Bizz, apart from having a name that’s ridiculously charming, is the new networking side of Bumble’s dating app. Like the original Bumble, women initiate the connection, but the focus here is to professionally network with others in your area. You can upload a resume and work samples, use your profile to explain exactly what you’re looking for, and share what you have to offer to others. Think blind dates for the professionally motivated, with hopefully much less stress and more lasting connections. focuses on motherhood advice and resources, however, they know work advice plays a major role in many mothers’ lives, obvs.  The work advice is smart, relatable, and if you need to go a step further, they even offer an online course that will teach you how to rock working motherhood.


OKReal features so many awesome interviews with illustrators, comedians, writers, designers—the list goes on. They’re a great starting point any time you need to feel inspired. There’s also a section called “Guidebook” that offers up advice on topics like burnout and work culture. Because we’ve all definitely struggled with both!

Switch, Pivot or Quit

Switch, Pivot or Quit, led by Ahyiana Angel, is an online platform for women who are looking to make a change in their current career role, or for anyone who’s just in need of some encouragement. Honestly how do you not click on a site with that name? She offers one-on-one “strategy sessions,” courses in publicity and marketing, and hosts an awesome podcast that focuses on these same subjects. (Full disclosure: Lauren actually did a podcast episode with her recently and it’s definitely worth a listen.)


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Girls at Library

If you’re a big reader (or really, even if you’re not), Girls at Library should be on your radar. They are an online journal that offers interviews with literary women about the ways books and reading have affected their lives. They also publish beautiful essays and book recommendations. And their Instagram account is a must-follow—Career Contessa plugs it every chance they get.

The Cut’s Work Section

The Cut’s work section (found under the “Power” tab of their website–awesome) features whip-smart articles on all things career-related as well as interviews with women detailing their career paths (recent ones include Charlotte Tilbury and Ann Curry). They’ve been closely monitoring the #MeToo movement, and they regularly post updates and relevant information about the wage gap.  This resource helps you stay informed news-wise, but also offers helpful advice when you’re feeling challenged or burnt out. Notice a running theme of support with all of these resources? Love it.


Cahier Bag (also love THIS option)


The Salary Project

Career Contessa’s own Salary Project compiles salaries submitted anonymously into an easy-to-read database from women all across the country.  And you can easily submit your own job, location, and salary in order to see how your salary compares to that of other women across the country in a similar position (think: awesome resource if you’re looking for a raise or career change). It also sheds light on a topic we’ve all got questions about, but feel awkward asking. This resource erases the awkward, and keeps you informed.


Ellevest offers straightforward advice and assistance with investing from female financial advisors. They offer a free investment plan that is personalized just for you (just enter in your salary, education level, and a few other pieces of data). They also offer a few different packages with advisors if you feel you need more hands-on help with investing. We should all be thinking about saving for the future, and this female-founded crew makes it easy.

Did I miss anything?  Let me know your favorite career resources in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Career Memo: The Best Professional Resources For Women, by Women”

  1. Fairygodboss is an amazing resource for women along the lines of the ones you mention above. It has great advice on careers for women in the workplace and ratings of various companies by women who work there on what is great (or not so great) about their environment for women and how they support us in our careers. Check it out and enjoy… thanks for a great post!

  2. Thank you so much for this great information. I didn’t know about any of this professional resources, but from now on, I’ll check it out. You look amazing with this outfit, is so feminine and the color is wow.

    Kisses from Miami

    New blog post: If you are planning vacation soon, you must include this item in your suitcase. Don’t miss it!!!!!

  3. Other amazing resources include alumni associations and professional women’s networks like Ellevate, Levo League, and Her Agenda. My best piece of advice is that if you have difficulty connecting with people at events, try to focus on events targeted towards your interests or start planning events with or without these organizations. Everyone always wants to say thanks to the planner!

  4. Elaine Hamiltion

    Oh my goodness ….. stunning, love, love love the skirt its to die for…I want one …hehehe, and blouse is so lovely. And my favourite colour… gorgeous. This outfit is so me ….. yay ..Thank you

  5. Elaine Hamilton

    Oh my goodness, this outfit is just so me. I love, love, love the skirt and the fabric, it is stunning. The blouse is to die for. What a gorgeous outfit. I want one, hehehehe. Thank you so much, yay !!!!

  6. Elizabeth O. Akinbiyi

    This is simply amazing! Thank you for sharing!! One that might be of great use for entrepreneurs is Marie Forleo’s take and advice on running a business and getting into copy writing. She’s very knowledgeable!

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