Monday Muse: Shine Theory

This week’s Monday Muse is the recent amazing piece by Ann Friedman in The Cut which should probably be required reading for all females.  As discussed by Friedman, women (and men!) all too often feel needlessly threatened by the success of others.  In many cases, they even view those successes as somehow detracting from their own accomplishments.  In the inspiring article, Friedman offers up…

The Hope of Spring

For those of you getting away from the office to celebrate the holiday this weekend like us, we wish you a beautiful, happy, hope-filled Easter.  But even if you don’t celebrate Easter, we encourage you to at least take it as an egg-scuse for more chocolate! (I’m sorry I really tried to stop myself but…

Keeping it Real

It’s Friday, everybody, and you know what that means.  Yup, just one more day of dressing like a normal person.  But, with a look like this little grayscale colorblock number that we’ve put together below, keeping it real Donna Karan-style isn’t so painful.  It’s actually kind of awesome. P.S.  I’m aware that there are about…

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