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  • Brilliant Brocade


    Brilliant Brocade

    Ok Jenna Lyons, your level of awesomeness at J. Crew is starting to become extremely problematic.  My ability to rationalize yet another J. Crew brocade or jacquard purchase is reaching an olympic level of excellence.  I’m going broke on brocade.  But can you blame me?  This is just beyond. P.S. Omgjennalyonsi’mobsessedwithyou.P.P.S. And in another episode of “Mary eats her words,” the punk-infused showing at the Met Gala last night was… well… AMAZING.  I’ll be spending much of my post-work hours continuing to drool over these punktacular ensembles.    Top: J. Crew; Cropped Pants: Theory  Scarf: Tom and Colette (available upon request); Belt: J. Crew…

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