Ritual Vitamins

Ritual’s prenatal is my go-to, but somehow I only discovered their POSTNATAL after baby number three. Every pregnant person knows that a prenatal is essential, but why does no one talk about the importance of getting essential vitamins and nutrients when you’re recovering from delivery and (in my case) breastfeeding? I’ve been taking Ritual’s Postnatal

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UPNEEQ Eye Drops

Curling your lashes. Winging your eyeliner. Getting more than four hours of sleep. There are tons of tricks to give the illusion of refreshed, awake eyes. But, these daily drops from UPNEEQ are a whole different ballgame. Upneeq is an FDA-approved prescription daily use eye drop that contains an active ingredient that literally lifts your

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Iron Supplement

I experienced anemia during my first pregnancy (which is extremely common), again with my second pregnancy and a year later my iron levels are still not what they should be. If you’re feeling perpetually sluggish, you might want to ask your doctor if your iron levels are to blame. After I started taking this iron

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