Alleven Color Shield

I’m easing into bare skin season with this color shield spray that works as a light airbrush for your skin while providing sun protection. This isn’t another self-tanner product, it offers a mist of even pigment for a very natural, matte finish and is infused with tons of skin benefits. If your legs haven’t seen…

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Beauty Pie

I know what you’re thinking, another membership? But this one’s designed to save you money, so I think we all agree it’s worth looking into. Beauty Pie’s entire premise is that there’s no reason for beauty industry middlemen to mark up the products we buy by up to 10x the manufacturing costs. Beauty Pie purchases

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Goal Setting Check In

Glow Sunscreen

Necessary? No. Delightful because we are magpies? Yes. Coppertone’s Glow sunscreen is a lightweight (but still powerfully sunburn-preventing) cream that is infused with shimmer and ready to transform you into the bronzed goddess you were born to be. Who among us doesn’t need a little extra sparkle during a quarantined summer? Lather up, y’all.

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Isdin Skincare

Last week, I shared with everyone that I’ve been testing this Barcelona-based brand, ISDIN, over the past few months. I have really loved the results, and I’m ready to give it the Monday Memo stamp of approval. (There’s no literal stamp, though I’m considering having one made.) The brand’s expertise lies in treating the effects

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