Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles

I feel like puzzles had a huge moment during the pandemic and then everyone forgot about them (or was it just me?). At the end of yet another wonderful but overwhelming holiday weekend, Rich and I pulled out this puzzle last night and were immediately reminded of why they’re the best. It’s so stress-relieving to…

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Tea Party Game

We recently received this tea party game as a gift from my sister-in-law and it has QUICKLY become my girls’ favorite. Appropriate for ages three and up, the game provides all of the elements of a tea party with none of the breakable china. The sturdy cardboard pieces are durable and the illustrations are adorable.

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Coffee Table Games

The Swedish-based design company PRINTWORKS created a series of classic games disguised as coffee table books. They’re not only gorgeous, they’re totally functional. My personal favorite is backgammon, but I wouldn’t be opposed to collecting them all. Such a great way to keep these fun items accessible instead of tucking away your favorite games in

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Wordle Board Game

If you wake up every morning and complete the Wordle before finishing your morning coffee, I have the perfect gift for you. Or, if you’re having any Wordle-obsessed friends or family over this holiday season, this world board game is a must-have. For 2-5 players ages 14+ you can spend the evening discovering every five-letter

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Story Time Chess

We recently came across this Story Time Chess game at a friends’ house and turns out, it won the 2021 Toy of The Year Award. Do you like how I said that like I knew that award existed prior to five minutes ago? Nevertheless, I can attest the game is a winner and if you’re

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