Uniqlo Non-Iron Shirts

Hey, remember when we talked about Uniqlo’s non-iron shirts? Yeah, they’re still the best. Rich wears these shirsts but, more importantly, I wear these. No, I’m not talking about stealing them from his closet, I’m talking about the many, many pairs I have ordered for myself (just going down a size). They are wrinkle-resistant and…

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Rothy’s For Men

Did you know Rothy’s makes MEN’S SHOES NOW? Rich knows, that’s for sure. He just ordered these and not to be outdone, I ordered these (but let’s keep that between us). Also, the brand makes so many cute sandal styles that are perfect for summer. For those unfamiliar with Rothy’s, the brand creates endlessly comfy

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Monday Memo No. 101

Men’s Basic Tees

I just bought these perfect basic tees for Rich (and, ahem, a few for myself) because have you ever, like EVER seen something with this many high ratings before? I mean my goodness do they also do your taxes and give you a back massage? (Spoiler: they do not.)   

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This brand, available (and on sale!) via Nordstrom, is new to me, but I’m really glad I found it. Rhone creates essentials and basics for men that are comfortable and functional, but also have a sense of “I really got dressed today” to them. Rich is completely obsessed, just FYI. 

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