Cup Holder Expanders

Between water and coffee and sparkling water and milk for all four members of our family, I’m one of those people who’s got a minimum of four beverages at all times. So, no matter what make or model of car I’m in, I’m usually disappointed by the cup holder situation. Enter: these amazing cup holder…

Car Dip Clip

Whelp, I eat all my meals in motion now, this settles it! This little dip clip has a universal mount for your car’s air vent area and a base that accommodates most dips from most major fast-food chains. In other words, you no longer have to place your precious sauces and dips on your lap…

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Car Cleaning Gel

Today, in gross but useful news, this car cleaning gel exists. It’s a cleaning putty product (with over 15K positive reviews no less) that lets you clean the impossible-to-reach, dirty areas of your car. Look, no judgment, we’ve all been neglecting the car crevices. Let’s resolve to do better in 2021.

Car Seat Gap Filler

Car Seat Gap Filler

If you are extremely tired of dropping your keys, phone, goldfish crackers, and heaven knows what else down the gap between your car seats and the center console, this super smart gap-filler is going to make lost items a thing of the past. I have such a respect for inventors who see problems and SOLVE…

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