Day 25

Ladies Lunch

Welp, here we are. We’re all going to be amazing at this work from home thing—let’s stick together. But apart. But also together. The COVID-19 situation is significant, and one of the smartest and safest things we can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus is work from home, away from coworkers, other passengers on public transit, etc. For many people, working from home isn’t an option, so if it is an option for you, take it. Not just for yourself but for those high-risk people around you.

If you’re used to working in an office, and only in an office, suddenly working from home can throw you and your productivity for a loop. I’ve worked from home periodically over the years, but worked entirely from home for nearly four months after Colette was born. At this point, I’ve got my WFH routine down and have developed some great habits that help make it a productive, positive experience. Today I’m sharing my best tips for staying on track (and off the couch) when working remotely. No seriously, do not work from the couch. It is not allowed.