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Cubicle Crimes

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    Sleeveless in Seattle

    Aside from the Top Ten Cubicle Crimes, there aren’t many universal rules governing professional attire since appropriate dress codes vary widely across different geographic locations and work environments.  A lawyer in Milwaukee is likely to dress differently than a teacher in Miami; similarly, an investment banker in New York is probably not going to be following the same dress code as an accountant in Seattle.  It’s important to carefully gauge your own office environment and take cues from those around you, especially your superiors…  unless any of the aforementioned people in your office happen to don hooker heels, bandage dresses, or bra tops in the office. …

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  • Nuclear Nails


    Nuclear Nails

    Thanks to the fall 2013 runway shows of designers like Costello Tagliapietra, Katie Gallagher, Monique Lhullier and Nicole Miller, metallic nail polish is officially… a thing.  The jury is still out on whether I hate this trend or not (I did once claim to hate florals of pretty much every kind and we all know how that rivalry ended).  However, I can firmly say that as far as the office goes, metallic nails should be put squarely on the same cubicle crime pile as neon nails.  When you’re spitting brilliance at the office, you don’t want your colleagues to be distracted by the…

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    The Top 10 Cubicle Crimes in Review

    Alas, our journey through the filthy streets of female flubs in the office has come to a much anticipated close.Hopefully we helped you clean up your act a little (insert ironic joke here).  But, before we get back to the fashion, here’s a recap of our inglorious top ten cubicle crimes just in case you missed any or need to review.  I particularly hope the woman I saw walking into an office building this morning in six-inch red patent stilettos, some kind of nightmarish fishnetty stockings, and a skirt that would make even RuPaul blush has the opportunity to brush…

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