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Oct 6, 2016

My Beauty Routine

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Jan 21, 2015

Memo: Skincare


For more detail, click directly on the individual items above or text links as follows:

Facial Cleansing Brush  |  Exfoliating Cleanser   |  Eye-Makeup Remover

Cleansing Oil  |  Daily Moisturizer  |  Daily Concentrate  |  Eye Cream

Night Moisturizer  |  Retinol Serum  |  Body Lotion

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At the request of many of you (thanks for the emails!), today I’m sharing some of my skincare favorites.  For work and play, I travel quite a bit which makes my skin hate me so, so much.  Going quickly from warm weather to very cold weather (and their respective time zones) is no bueno when it comes to skin health, not to mention the fresh, clean, unadulterated air circulation of [insert any and every airline you hate here] which is really just icing on my derm-obliterating cake.  So, in an attempt to avoid looking like a decrepit science fiction character, I use the above products and highly recommend them.  In addition to the lotions and cleansers (which are awesome), perhaps my favorite thing in the world is that crazy little clarisonic cleanser brush.  I’m telling you, this baby is worth its weight in gold.  And gold prices are seriously up there. 

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This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  All product selections, styling and opinions are my own.

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Oct 6, 2014


I don’t typically do beauty-focused posts, however, I’ve received tons of requests from many of you over the months and thought I’d finally offer up a quick peek at some of the products that work for me.  I’m not a huge cosmetics person, so I definitely don’t use all of these every day.  But, when an occasion does call for a bolder lip, for example, the lipsticks above are my favorites.  Similarly, I don’t wear eye shadow or eye liner every single day, but I recently discovered the above eye shadow primer and use it religiously whenever I do throw on shadow.  I’m probably late to the eye shadow primer party, but holy shmokes does this stuff make a difference!  I had no idea a little bit of this special sauce would make shadow creases obsolete. Magic.  
Of course, shopping online is my preferred method, so getting everything I need at one retailer is always a big win.  Very recently, one of my favorite brands, Urban Decay, made its way to Nordstrom which was the final piece of the puzzle in making the site my one-stop shop for cosmetics.  Between their selection and their stellar shipping and return policies, there’s no better place in my book.  Be sure to check out Nordstrom’s new collection of Urban Decay products because they’re the real. deal.  Happy Monday!
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This post is sponsored by Nordstrom.  All product selections, styling and opinions are my own.

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