MONDAY MEMO Oct 1, 2018

Monday Memo No. 27

Styled image of gold rings and gold rimmed glasses with notebook and tan scarf.

Best Ring Cleaner

Meet a miracle worker. Anyone else feel really gratified when things are clean but hate the idea of… you know, cleaning?  I’ve always been terrible at jewelry cleaning specifically, and when you wear something every day, all day, residue builds up and massively dulls the stones.  This little wonder saves my sparkle.  I just throw my rings in there every few days, add a little water (and if they’re really dirty, dishwashing soap) and five minutes later, voilà!  Good as new.

Woman in check blazer holding a Senreve envelope clutch

Senreve Envelope Clutch

Perfect for running to meetings, this clutch is a wardrobe hero you’ll keep (and use!) forever.  It fits my 13” laptop, documents, my wallet, and a lipstick, but is sleeker than bringing a huge tote bag into a conference room.  The best part is that it fits comfortably into Senreve’s Maestra Bag, which I shared my adoration for in a look I wore last week.

Product image of Yogi box of Bedtime tea.

Bedtime Tea

Anyone else a total insomniac these days?  My sister-in-law gave this to me recently to help with my sleeplessness and I absolutely love it.  It 100% made me relaxed and sleepy, with the added bonus of tasting DELISH.  There’s also something really helpful about the habit of an evening cup of tea that reminds you to calm down, chill out, and mentally prepare for sleep.  Also, maybe you feel a little bit British.  I shared this tea last week on Instastories and many of you said that you (a) really like it as well and (b) also love the caramel flavor. Cheers! [Clinks teacup]


Cashmere Hooded Duster Cardigan

I bought this in the Oatmeal hue during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (a.k.a. Everyone’s Personal Christmas), but only in the last couple weeks has it been seasonally appropriate to wear.  I’ve been wearing it CONSTANTLY so I’m now also grabbing it in grey because it’s 40% off again!


Recent lip favorite

I recently discussed the top reader-recommended lip products which was about the time I finally joined the rest of the world and bought the Dior Addict Lip Glow in shade “Berry.”  I now can’t figure out what I did before having this product.  SO moisturizing and a beautiful touch of color.  But speaking of moisturizing lip products, I can already feel the cooler temps starting to dry out my lips, so I’ve been hitting this Laneige product hard.  You can read all about it in this previous Monday Memo.

Product image of set of 3 piece of Steamline Luggage.

Dream Luggage

Have you ever seen luggage so cute you’d invent reasons to use it? Like I’d take this on a trip to Trader Joe’s I want to use it so badly. Steamline Luggage is vintage-inspired and modern day-designed luggage (including the world’s cutest hat boxes) that looks straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. Honestly, I also kind of want to decorate my apartment with them.


Coin Necklaces

I never thought I’d be into fashion that seems to be inspired by a pirate, but here we are. Coin necklaces are everywhere, especially those that look like the coin was bartered for under questionable circumstances.  There are so many versions to explore, but if you’re interested in just giving the trend a try, I’d start with the Shashi Warrior Necklace or this set from Anthropologie.

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  1. samantha says:

    I’ve been eyeing a piece of Streamline luggage lately! Might need to bite the bullet it get a piece 🙂

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    Love your site ! Thanks for being real ! Simple and beautiful advice!

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    It is amazing for Monday. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post. It is really very helpful for me.

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