MONDAY MEMO Aug 6, 2018


Lou & Grey’s sale

Right now, one of the most on-point (and affordable) athleisure brands is offering an extra 30% off all sale items. AKA please get a new hoodie you’ll basically LIVE in this fall because you’ll regret it if you don’t. Other standouts include comfy bottoms (which I like to refer to as “Netflix pants”) and really beautiful accessories like this amazingly marked-down cuff that I bet you didn’t even know Lou & Grey carried! (This actually took me longer to write because I stopped to shop. True story.)

TRESemme Recovery Mask

I recently tried a sample of this mask and it will UNDO anything the beach or sun has done to your fried locks by this time of the season, in literally one use. This isn’t a game, I’ve never seen a haircare product take effect this fast unless it was literally hair spray. It’s also so cheap it’s almost free, so there’s really no reason not to keep a bottle in the shower for quick hair-repair. Feel free to DM me and tell me I was right about this one, I won’t mind.


Have you met Nudestix?  Have they changed your life yet?  Nudestix is a new-to-me mother/daughter brand that creates the creamiest, most natural-looking shades of makeup, all in stick form.  It’s all so easy to apply with just your fingers, and allows you to do a full, fresh-looking face in minutes.  Honestly I’m obsessed w/ their whole line, especially for summer, but do not overlook their blur stick.  I’ve put this on at 7am and still been impressed with my glow by dinnertime.  If the “no makeup” makeup look is your thing, definitely check out this brand.

Nivea foam body wash

This body wash sounded weird until I used it.  It’s a rich, shaving cream-consistency body wash from the brand with the classic blue bottle that’s been a mainstay in our lives and bathroom cabinets for-e-ver.  It’s very moisturizing but not sticky or heavy, so it’s amazing for really humid days when slathering on lotion post-shower sounds like a terrible idea.

Vintage Hunting

Decorating your home and sick of looking at big box retailers?  In case you missed it, I recently rounded up my favorite vintage and antique spots for home decor and furniture both in NYC and online.  In my world, this counts as an endurance workout.  I love shopping for vintage furniture and decor both home and abroad, and my recent trip to Paris reminded me that I need to take stock of my go-to spots for treasure at home.  Don’t worry–I’ve got both NYC and online resources in my recent post here because I know Manhattan thinks it’s the center of the world (okay maybe it kind of is), but the rest of the planet is pretty amazing, too.

Great Book Recommendations

I know we start summer super jazzed about all those neon and pastel book covers we have sitting in our beach bags ready to go, but by August our reading lists have gone stale.  That’s why I’m thrilled my friend Grace of The Stripe just released her August reading list!  Her grading system is really refreshing and she gives real recommendations (if not actual commands) when she thinks a book is worth devoting towel-time to.

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4 Responses to MONDAY MEMO No. 22

  1. Beth says:

    I am a big fan of vintage hunting! It is amazing what you can pick from garage sales and antiques!

  2. samantha says:

    I need to read your post on vintage shops in NYC! I’ve recently been loving finding more secret vintage spots around the city.

  3. grace atwood says:

    Mary! Thanks so much for linking to my post – much appreciated! Happy Monday! 🙂 xo

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