MONDAY MEMO Aug 27, 2018

Monday Memo No. 25

Pop & Suki pair of handbangs, black gingham oval handbag and pink gingham square box handbag with pink backdrop

Pop & Suki Handbags

Hello, is it cute you’re looking for?  I’ve just discovered Pop & Suki handbags and I am wondering if you can actually die from adorable.  I am not shy about my love for a well-structured bag, and these may be the most fun I’ve seen yet.  Made by Brits (and besties) Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse, these are the kind of bags you wish you could dream up, but are so glad someone else did.  I just picked up this stunner that was inspired by a takeout container, and it’s going… yeah, everywhere with me. You can also personalize them, selecting the kind of strap you want (for a small extra charge), and there’s the option to add printed text to the bag for free! notebook planner in pink that reads "I am very busy." with light blue backdrop Planners

If you are unfamiliar with positivity emporium, clear your afternoon, you have shopping to do.’s selection of uplifting clothing, accessories, decor, and anything else you wish came covered in glitter and a cheeky catchphrase is endlessly entertaining and inspiring.  Right now, I’ve got my eye on a fresh new planner. Yes I am shopping for school supplies, no I am not going back to school.  One of the joys of adulthood is all of the cool stuff, none of the homework. also sells a vast range of planner-worthy extras, from stickers (yep, stickers) to jewelry, accessories, water bottles, and more. A+.

glamsquad brand logo


You might think I’m about to discuss beauty services.  What I’m actually about to discuss is multitasking.  Glamsquad is genius.  It is on-demand beauty in your home (or office, hotel, wherever you want them to show up, really), that allows you to receive any number of beauty services (I went with a mani/pedi) without interrupting your workflow. I find it amazingly valuable to continue my to-do’s while crossing off another one that usually involves travel time and terrible Wifi.  And yes, sometimes a luxurious massage chair mani/pedi is exactly what you need.  Other times, you’re about to go on vacation and your toes are embarrassing and you haven’t packed and your inbox is a nightmare and can someone please just handle this for me?  Yes actually, Glamsquad can.  Peep their price list here.  It’s so much more reasonable than I expected!

Le Specs black cat eye sunglasses with thick black frames

My Favorite Cat Eye Sunglasses

I am living proof that shopping for sunglasses occurs year-round.  I don’t care if it’s 20 degrees outside, I’m not leaving the house without eyewear. But let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room:  I’ve been constantly wearing these cat eye sunnies from Le Specs (amazingly priced at $60!) in basically every other post for the past… year?  When it comes to cat-eyes, I will say that the smaller Lolita-style shade has really made its mark this summer, but sometimes you just want a huge pair of shades to throw on to feel like you’re invisible and maybe also a spy.  This is just the pair for that particular activity.

Colorful assortment of Herb Lester travel guides

Herb Lester Travel Guides

I always thought that the oddest thing about travel guides was the fact that they were…you know, books. Who wants to travel around with a library in their impossibly adorable cross body, I ask you?  Herb Lester guides get it, and are the slimmest, most beautifully designed, most amazingly informative travel guides for any wanderer who wants to live like a local.  Super affordable (and highly collectable), these guides slip into your bag in the least imposing way possible. Dare I say you’ll even look cool whipping this out in a Copenhagen coffee shop?

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4 Responses to Monday Memo No. 25

  1. I literally love everything Le Specs puts out. They’re luxurious yet affordable and always classics! x

    chevrons & éclairs

  2. is so fabulous! I’m glad to find someone else who agrees. I personally love all their travel accessories such as their luggage tag, passport case, and cosmetic bag. I don’t remember the last time I went on a trip and didn’t use them. Also, Le Specs has really been catching my eye because Leonie from OhhCouture just mentioned a pair of their sunnies that she’s been loving. Fall may not be the most common time to purchase new sunglasses but it looks like I’m going on a shopping spree! I particularly love this shape – reminds me of the Celine ones! xx

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