MONDAY MEMO Jul 30, 2018



Disposable wine glasses are the worst, but so is drinking someone else’s Sancerre by accident.  I love these wine glass markers for keeping track of “whose wine is it anyway.”  The best part is that they are easily erasable and come in cool, grown-up colors, so your elegant Oregon pinot noir with subtle tannins doesn’t look like it’s covered in a 4-year-old’s refrigerator art.


Craving something comfy and/or need a cute outfit for your next Netflix binge sesh? There’s really no need to look further than these pajamas (and shortie version here!). They’re my absolute favorite, I have them in multiple colors, and they’re currently on sale.  Imagine the softest, most lounge-worthy pajamas you’ve ever owned?  These are better. (And less than $50!)


I hate playing favorites with kitchen appliances but…actually you know what, I don’t hate playing favorites with kitchen appliances. This one wins. Every time. If you’ve been pondering a Vitamix purchase, I really think you should go for it.  Pricey, yes.  An investment in your health that also saves you loads of time and cooking frustration?  Also yes.  I use this beast for everything.  You can read up on it here, but it’s so much more than your traditional blender.  I use it everyday for smoothies, but also make soups, complete prepwork (it chops like nobody’s business), and the list is honestly endless.  


If you’re thinking about the Vitamix or already own one, you should also think about outfitting your Vitamix with these massively convenient blending cups.  They allow you to blend a personalized smoothie or protein shake right in the cup, then just throw a lid on top and go.  We find them much easier to use for quick smoothies than the larger Vitamix container.  Also, it’s just more fun to whip up personalized blends every morning like some kind of smoothie sommelier.


While I’m on a Vitamix roll, one of my favorite things to throw in my blender and go is a Daily Harvest smoothie. There is literally no easier way to make breakfast, short of not actually making breakfast—and even still, these will probably be healthier than anything you’re actually making.  You’ve probably seen these all over your instagram feed (which is how I discovered them) but they really are worth the hype.  Each smoothie cup contains everything you need for a nutrient-packed smoothie, you just add almond milk (or the liquid of your choice), blend, and go.  The Vitamix blends them perfectly (it does everything perfectly, seriously this appliance is genius), and there are endless smoothie flavors to choose from. They arrive ready to freeze and use whenever you want one. Which will be every single day, trust me.


All pants should be yoga pants. This shouldn’t even be a discussion. They’re endlessly functional, regardless of whether you’re ready for intense cardio or just like…a nice walk. We live in them, so we should love them.  These leggings in particular bring an extra bit of genius, because not only are they amazingly buttery and comfortable—holding you in in all the right places without suffocating—but you can also customize them with the waistband and length that you like most. The price is also unbeatable for the quality (which is top notch) and customizability you get here.  Personally, I’m obsessed with the criss-cross waistband.

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5 Responses to MONDAY MEMO NO. 21

  1. Ray Amaari says:

    I love that yoga pants, thet waist detail.

  2. Layne Dettor says:

    I just bought those leggings after you recommended for Prime day. I LOVE them! Thanks for another great recommendation Mary!

  3. I have heard loads about the Vitamix and you’ve seriously got me thinking I should get one. My current blender is in a horrific state and considering how much I love smoothie bowls and wiping up a quick, healthy meal, this sounds perfect! I love that you have so much control over what and how you’re blending something. I also have a hand blender which I use a lot and that’s perfect if you want to blend something like soup, straight in the pot! Thanks for the reminder dear – hope you have a terrific week 🙂

  4. Love reading your blog. The updates are beautiful.

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