MONDAY MEMO Jun 18, 2018

Monday Memo No. 16

Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen

We all know the importance of sunscreen (especially in the summer sun!) but it’s not easy to find one that (a) feels good on your face and (b) plays nice under your makeup.  If, like me, you rarely find a facial sunscreen that you like, try Glossier’s Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen.  It’s an invisible gel that leaves no white cast and no greasy residue while providing SPF 35 broad spectrum UVA and UVB coverage, which are all equally important for proper sun protection (read more about that HERE).

Reformation now at Nordstrom

You’ve likely noticed that Reformation has been a favorite dress brand of mine for several years, so I’m thrilled to see that they’re now carried at Nordstrom!  Since this means even easier ordering and returns, I recently went hog-wild snagging this stunning dress and these perfect jeans.  Both fit like a dream, but the jeans are especially fantastic for all heights.  They have a raw hem and a 29-inch inseam which means that even if you’re super tall like me, you won’t be stuck with “cropped” jeans that hit you awkwardly at mid-calf or above.  The beauty of these jeans is that they’re long enough for tall girls, but if you’re more petite, all you need to do is cut them to your desired length, no formal tailoring needed.  With a raw hem, that’s all there is to it—it’s supposed to fray naturally with wear.


Glowing Green Smoothie

A girlfriend recently got me onto this smoothie recipe which I’ve been making constantly the last few months with our Vitamix.  Not only are the health benefits phenomenal, but if you read more about it here, Kimberly Snyder aptly points out the important nutritional value of blended smoothies as well:

Blending helps make greens’ full spectrum of nutrition readily available to the body.  Nutrients are encased inside plant cells and getting their benefits requires these cells’ walls to be ruptured. Greens need to be worked down to a creamy consistency, but most people simply don’t chew that much!  Blending addresses this problem, helping your body absorb the maximum amount of nutrition from your greens.

It’s such a good reminder that simply eating veggies doesn’t guarantee that your body is getting all of the health benefits.  For this and so many other reasons, our Vitamix  continues to be one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.

Bluetooth Keyboard

A few months ago I ordered this bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone from Amazon and it has been an absolute godsend.  The keyboard is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows (along with most tablets), has a built-in stand to hold your phone while using, and folds up into a compact, lightweight brick which makes it perfect for throwing in your bag while on the go.  I originally ordered it because I was having a hard time keeping up with DMs on instagram (#bloggerproblemz)—you can’t access DMs on a desktop—so it was way too time-consuming trying to respond to long questions with my phone.  Since it’s so sleek, portable and easy-to-use, I now take it with me everywhere and use it for writing emails, texts, DMs and even blog posts on my phone while in transit.  Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that it comes in four beautiful aluminum shades to perfectly match your iPhone…


Map Pendant Necklace

I constantly get questions about the round gold pendant necklace I wear almost everyday, which is a Map necklace by A. Jaffe.  In the 2+ years since I got mine, I’ve given them as gifts to my mom and my best friend, and can’t say enough good things.  Not only are they beautiful necklaces, but they make for extra meaningful gifts because you’re able to have a location etched on the pendant with a diamond over the exact spot that is special to you.  On mine, I have the city in which Rich and I tied the knot with a diamond marking the exact location of the church where we were married.  They have a super wide range of styles and prices (there’s a stunning sterling silver pendant that’s as low as $125) but you can click here to see all of the different options!


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3 Responses to Monday Memo No. 16

  1. Reformations dresses this summer have been SO good!

    chevrons & éclairs

  2. I’m so glad to see you back on the blog dear! I agree, sunscreens can be very difficult to find one that fits you. Often my problem is is that they are too oily and don’t mix well with my more oily complexion. Sometimes they also leave a white cast which doesn’t layer well under foundation. I am definitely going to have to try the Glossier one out. I am so happy that Nordstrom now carries Reformation. Reformation has quickly become my favorite brand. Not only because of their designs and styles but because of their moto, thus I am all for supporting them! I particularly like the dress you mentioned here. I like this style but the more mauve colour with a floral print too! Very pretty. I hope you have been well 🙂

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