MONDAY MEMO Apr 16, 2018

Monday Memo No. 12


Similar to my hunt for the best travel jewelry cases, I’ve also been searching for the best travel makeup cases over the past several months and have found it surprisingly difficult.  Maybe I’m turning into an old lady, but at this point, I care a lot less about whether the case is cute and a lot more about whether it successfully keeps everything organized and in one. dang. place.  I came across this makeup case a couple months ago and it has been a true game changer for long trips.  I was skeptical at first because it’s definitely on the large side, but then realized that its size allows ALL of my makeup and ALL of my toiletries to fit perfectly in one place.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is not to deal with 5 separate bags of makeup, makeup brushes, hair products, shower products and miscellaneous toiletries while traveling.  The movable dividers allow me to organize everything perfectly and the black, waterproof material makes it super easy to clean.  There’s nothing worse than getting some cute floral makeup bag and having your foundation explode on a flight the first time you use it rendering it marred forever.  Can’t recommend these highly enough!


I’ve had the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso maker for two years and can’t possibly think of every owning anything else.  I’ve tried tons of other coffee makers in the past—french presses, Bialettis, Keurig, the list goes on—but nothing compares to this one.  This particular model can make either espresso or coffee and nothing beats the quality.  In fact, in the mornings, I have no desire to stop at Starbucks or any number of amazing coffee shops on my walk to the office because the iced lattes I can make with my Nespresso are just as good (if not better).  I use it absolutely every morning and not only does it look nice on the counter, it’s completely fuss-free and reliable.  Typically, I keep it pretty simple and make two shots of espresso poured over ice with almond milk and a sprinkle of stevia.  However, if you’re devoted to steamed milk, you can opt for this set which gives you the Nespresso Vertuo along with Nespresso’s amazing milk frother.


I was recently DM’ed this question on instagram and thought I’d share my favorite steamer for keeping clothing wrinkle-free while traveling.  I absolutely love this model which packs easily, heats up in less than a minute and boasts up to ten minutes of steaming time.  Especially for skirts, dresses and blouses, this is a much easier way to get out the wrinkles than pulling out the hotel iron and ironing board.


La Mercerie has become one of my go-to spots for breakfast or coffee meetings in Soho since it opened its doors in December.  The unique space offers a french café and home decor store in one with a wonderful breakfast and all-day menu along with wine and delicious cocktails.  In the same space, there is a grab-and-go counter providing the dreamiest french pastries, coffee and tea.  If you’re looking for a new place to check out in Soho, I can’t recommend this bright, beautiful spot highly enough!


If you’ve read the post on how I do my hair, you know that dry shampoo is an integral part of the process.  Since I’m always eager to test new products, I recently asked everyone on instagram to share their favorite dry shampoos and the result was an amazing treasure trove of recommended products.  I’m working on a post to round up all of the top recommendations, but one that came up time and time again was completely new to me—the Batiste Dry Shampoo.  Naturally, I ordered it on Amazon right away and absolutely love it so far.  It’s under $10 and works perfectly to both keep oil at bay and also add volume. You can find it at Amazon, Ulta and most drugstores but for the price, it’s tough to beat. Important note for my brunette friends out there, it comes in a very popular brunette version (also here) which prevents you from having that grey root look.

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8 Responses to Monday Memo No. 12

  1. Simply Sory says:

    La vaporizadora me ha dejado loca, tengo que hacerme con una.

  2. Samantha says:

    I need to take a trip to this restaurant in Soho! It looks gorgeous!

  3. Kari says:

    I just finished ironing a shirt while my steamer sits in my closet. I need to start using it more.

  4. Katie says:

    I’ve tried Batiste so many times because it is cheap but the products are so heavily perfumed I can smell my own hair all day. It’s Klorane for me all the way!

  5. Courtney says:

    La Mercerie looks fantastic! I was a Batiste fan for a while, but I’ve since switched to Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo (unscented), and I like it even better. It helps volumize my hair in a similar (though not as good) manner to the Living Proof dry shampoo.

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