MONDAY MEMO Mar 12, 2018

Monday Memo No. 8


If you haven’t hopped on the silk pillowcase bandwagon it’s officially time to climb aboard.  While I prefer cotton sheets on our bed, I’ve been using this silk pillowcase for the past couple years and it’s completely game-changing.  I’m so committed to my silk pillowcases that I permanently keep one in my suitcase so I can put it on my hotel pillow when traveling.  I know.  What a weirdo.

But here’s why:  silk fibers are less absorbent than cotton and other fibers, so silk pillowcases help your skin retain moisture and nutrients from the skincare products you apply before bed.  There’s nothing worse than applying a bunch of pricey serums and moisturizers just to have 90% of it wipe off on your pillow at night.  ALSO, unlike ordinary cotton pillowcases, smooth, slippery silk doesn’t stretch and tug on delicate facial skin and doesn’t pull and tangle your hair throughout the night.  I’m telling you, the difference a silk pillowcase makes in reducing (often completely eliminating) bedhead is DRAMATIC, allowing you to maintain your hairstyle for much, much longer.

I love these silk pillowcases by Slip the best, and they now come in lots of colors so you can buy them to match your sheets!


While on the subject of sleep, I constantly get asked about the favorite pajamas that I’ve shared many times on instagram.  These Moonlight pajamas by Nordstrom are so incredibly soft, hold up perfectly wash after wash, and are just the most comfortable PJs I’ve ever owned.  I have about 6 pairs of the black set alone, but also have a few other colors as well that I love and am currently eyeing up the pretty grey and white stripe.


You’ve heard me wax on about this NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment many times in the past, especially when looking to achieve the perfect bold red or burgundy lip that lasts all night.  However, I just tried two of their lighter shades as well which has made me love the product even more.  Currently, shade “Get It On” is my favorite for an understated, natural color that doesn’t budge all day long.  I love it so much I also just ordered “American Woman” and will report back on whether it’s a keeper as well!


Okay, DON’T PANIC, but one of my favorite trends of the season is a modern take on the fanny pack—the belt bag.  My favorite way to style it is pictured in this shot from fashion week, where you can see I’m wearing this See by Chloe bag over my suit like a waist belt.  Interestingly, I originally purchased it on Net-A-Porter which billed it as a belt bag, but I now see the same bag for sale on Shopbop where it’s described as a cross-body.  Bottom line: if you’re looking to dip your toe into the trend, this bag is a great place to start since you can wear it multiple ways and aren’t stuck with just the belt option.  Regardless of how you wear it, I think it’s such a pretty bag and am currently eyeing it up in dove grey which would be beautiful for summer.


I’m unbelievably excited to kick off a series of posts soon on a new topic that has been requested by many of you for years and years.  Apologies for the tease here, but stay tuned for all of the details very soon and make sure you’re signed up for Memorandum emails here so you’re the first to know!

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