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11 Perfect Holiday Gifts For Coworkers

It’s officially December, so I’m afraid we can pretend no longer.  It’s high time we all start chipping away at our gift lists, and as discussed on instagram live this week, it seems there are few people harder to shop for than COWORKERS.  Just like office attire, holiday gifts for coworkers always depend on the industry, company culture, and individual.  I’ve worked in some offices where it’s super weird to get your colleagues holiday gifts, and in others where it’s super weird if you don’t.  Regardless of where your workplace lands on that beautiful spectrum of weirdness, below is my list of your best bets for showing your colleagues a little holiday appreciation.

When evaluating coworker gifts, be thoughtful about not only what the person might like but also what their professional relationship is to you.  You may want to strike a different tone depending on whether the gift is for your boss versus a peer or an employee.  Ideally, the goal is to show a little holiday appreciation while simultaneously steering clear of any Love Actually-style awkwardness.

Whether it’s a “please don’t torpedo my year-end bonus” gift for a boss, an “I wish you would stop whistling and start showering” gift for the creepy dude in accounting, or a “thanks for bringing me gatorade the morning after last year’s holiday party” gift for a great friend at work, there’s a little something for everyone…

If you have any good gift ideas for coworkers that I’ve missed, please share in the comments below!

#1. //  Cashmere Wrap

A cashmere wrap or cardigan is perfect to keep at your desk for chilly work days.  I’ve had my White + Warren wrap for a few years now, and it still looks brand new!


#2. //   Coffee Mug

You can’t go wrong with a cute mug for male or female coworkers.  Better yet, snag a mug that’s personalized with the recipient’s initial… because nobody knows where those standard-issue mugs in the office kitchen have really been, amiright?


#3. //  2018 AGENDA

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for an old-fashioned calendar.  This agenda has a place for all of your to-do lists, appointments, contacts, everything, and has the cutest touches throughout!  (Side note: Also obsessed with this work-to-play desktop folio, which makes planning your week so much easier!)


#4. //  Work Bag

Check out the below beauties that look great and have all the essential interior pockets to keep you organized.  For men, check out a sleek leather messenger bag or backpack.


#5. // Compact

Whether it’s kept in your work tote for touch-ups on-the-go or stowed away in your top drawer for use at your desk, a mirrored compact is a must-have for staying fresh throughout a long workday.

#6. // Tumbler and/or Thermos

I never leave the house in the morning without a tumbler or thermos full of coffee!  Whether the gift recipient is a coffee addict, a tea connoisseur or someone who wants to keep hot soup toasty for lunchtime, tumblers and thermoses are always home-run gifts.

#7. // Picture Frame

A picture frame is a great addition to any desktop, and will make their workspace feel more like home.  Also check out this genius digital photo frame!


#8. // Business Card Case

When in doubt, go for a cute card case!  It’s super professional with a thoughtful touch.


#9. //  Notebook

This  “hustle hard” notebook is perfect for all of those super important business notes (or weekend plans, or shopping lists…).


#10. //  The Perfect Pen

Montblanc is the epitome of pen sophistication, but how fun is this Ted Baker set?!


#11. // Ceramic Tray

At-the-ready to hold paperclips, snacks or rings when your fingers are busy flying across your keyboard, a cute ceramic tray is always a hit.


One last note!  Speaking of instagram live this week, I received lots of questions via DM and email after the live asking about the website that I mentioned which I often use to shop across multiple retailers.  The website is and in addition to being an amazing search engine for products, I also just stumbled across their holiday gift guides which I thought were AMAZING.  After scrolling through the rest of my coworker gift picks below, you can check their gift guides out here if you’re looking for additional gifting ideas!




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8 Responses to 11 Perfect Holiday Gifts For Coworkers

  1. Rach says:

    These are great gift ideas!! Thank you!

  2. Margaret Nunne says:

    I love that everything you put together (outfits, lists, etc.) always seem both practical and lovely. I’m a midwesterner at heart, and if it doesn’t serve a purpose, and do it well, I don’t really have enough life-time to try and make it work. I love that your outfits are law office-conservative but are still interesting and on trend/youthful. Thank you for doing what you do, it makes my life so much easier!

  3. Anna DeHaven says:

    This was very helpful. I always struggle with office gifts that people will actually enjoy and not just re-gift the next year.

  4. Nikki says:

    Great options there Mary!
    I think desk terrariums are also a great option to gift colleagues!


  5. Renee Jaeger says:

    please verify the link for the hot rollers in your recent posting is correct. It does not link to conair.

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