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Summer Classics From Marks & Spencer

SKIRT: c/o Marks & Spencer  |  RUFFLE TOP: c/o Marks & Spencer  |  GOLD SANDALS: c/o Marks & Spencer  |  EARRINGS: c/o Marks & Spencer  |  BAG: similar HERE and HERE

For me, this coral midi skirt with sailor-inspired gold buttons and ruffled navy top makes for the perfect professional-yet-stylish ensemble for a summer day at the office.  If you’re looking for more super stylish, affordable workwear options, just spend a minute or two perusing Marks & Spencer’s new arrivals.  If you’re not frothing at the mouth in about 30 seconds, I’d suggest checking for a pulse.  I’m sorry, but howwww is this skirt only $56?? 

You know from this previous post that my love affair with Marks & Spencer runs DEEP.  Like the pieces I’m wearing today, there are so many beautiful work-appropriate styles that don’t necessarily scream “workwear,” which, if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, is kind of the goal.  Just look at how cool this midi skirt is… or THIS DRESS!  As you well know, I’ve always been convinced that working women don’t have to abandon their personal style when headed to the office.  Life is just too dang short to spend Monday through Friday (over 70% of your life… eek!) in a soul-sucking corporate uniform.  Like my bright skirt today and ruffle blouse, there are loads of pieces that are outside of the stereotypical workwear box that still look fiercely professional and super stylish to boot.

Side note:  I’m OBSESSED with these metallic gold ruffle sandals, but if your office is more formal, swap in a classic pump!

 SKIRT: c/o Marks & Spencer  |  RUFFLE TOP: c/o Marks & Spencer  |  GOLD SANDALS: c/o Marks & Spencer  |  EARRINGS: c/o Marks & Spencer  |  BAG: similar HERE and HERE

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10 Responses to Summer Classics From Marks & Spencer

  1. Natali says:

    Your skirt and shoes are majestic, such a great pieces!

  2. Sophie says:

    Love the red and navy color combination!

  3. Rach says:

    That skirt is GORGEOUS! I am seriously obsessed with it and the fact that is is only $56 makes it too easy to make the purchase haha!

  4. This look is amazing! I’m obsessed with that skirt.

  5. I just bought my first purchase from Marks & Spencer and was totally impressed with their prices but also their speedy delivery!! Heck, it was almost faster than going to the store!! And I got a pair of yellow print heels that are so fantastic!!
    I’m glad to see that they are using bloggers to spread the word about this fabulous company!!

  6. Simply Sory says:

    Que falda tan bonitaaaa, me encanta el color y la forma que tienen. Que pases un feliz fin de semana.

    Te dejo mi nuevo post por aquí,

  7. AligilMear says:

    This dress look so well & it is exactly what I wanted!1

  8. Beautiful skirt and those sandals are just adorable!

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