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New Finds and an Ode to Navy

JACKET: GREY Jason Wu  |  SHIRT: GREY Jason Wu  |  CULOTTES: A.L.C.  |  SHOES: Marc Fisher  |  EARRINGS: Jenny Bird  |  BAG: Phillip Lim (old, similar HERE)

It’s mid-May for crying out loud.  I refuse to wear anything overtly wintery, buuuuuut it was also in the high 40s / low 50s earlier this week and, well, I can only be so masochistic.  There’s nothing like the whiplash of constantly changing spring weather to bring me sprinting into the arms of my closet’s seasonless staples.  And so reigns supreme the mystical powers of my always-appropriate navy favorites, especially these knock-out BEAUTIES by GREY Jason Wu that I recently found at Nordstrom (aka shopping Mecca).

If it’s possible for me to love a jacket more, I can not conceive of it.  Leave it to Jason Wu to mastermind a moto-style topper that looks as appropriate walking into a boardroom in February as it does with ripped cut-offs at Sunday brunch in June.  It’s this commitment to dressing—really dressing—the modern woman and her multi-hyphenate lifestyle that’s the ethos of his new GREY line, and has me in full praise-hands-emoji elation.  It’s feminine, it’s whimsical, it’s polished, it’s all. of. the. things.  I mean just look at the cut and the magnificent lines!  Why the hell is there a lone silver snap mid-way down the split back and why am I 98% certain that it’s the single most thrilling artistic flourish in the history of mankind??

Navy and white stripes for spring?  Groundbreaking. (*Said with Miranda Priestly-level disdain.*)  But again!  Mr. Wu takes a time-honored classic and makes it feel unbelievably fresh.  With the face logo’s touch of red embroidery, a not-too-heavy/not-too-light knit and a distinct white-rimmed crewneck, wearing this beautiful top made me feel like surely, I was the first person to ever discover the Breton stripe.  BRB, must go text all of my friends that this navy and white striped thing is, well, a thing.

Full disclosure: I also bought this top at Nordstrom and basically went into cardiac arrest when I tried it on.  So simple!  So timeless!  SO GOOD!

Whether warm temperatures actually arrive for good this year or not, it’s a safe bet to populate your closet with seasonless navy staples like these.  In the heat of summer you look nautical and fresh, in the depths of winter you look crisp and chic, and in these weird in-between days… you’re basically all of the above.  I’ve amassed several other navy favorites for your perusing pleasure below.  Of course, all of them sold at Nordstrom… because is there anything they don’t have?  I mean, even brands like J. Crew and Draper James are at Nordstrom now.  Oh Nordys, how I love you.

JACKET: GREY Jason Wu  |  SHIRT: GREY Jason Wu  |  CULOTTES: A.L.C.  |  SHOES: Marc Fisher  |  EARRINGS: Jenny Bird  |  BAG: Phillip Lim (old, similar HERE)

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10 Responses to New Finds and an Ode to Navy

  1. Sophie says:

    Navy stripes are such a classic, love the jacket!

  2. Rach says:

    I can’t get over how amazing those pants look! Love the fit and style!

  3. Kathy says:

    Love the jacket, but, sssh…..I already have 2 Breton tops in my closet so I really think I discovered them before you. 🙂

  4. Natali says:

    Fabulous jacket and shoes! You’re looking gorgeous top to bottom!

  5. Love that jacket! And I’m with you—I’m ready for the lighter looks of spring/summer.

  6. Beautiful jacket

    The Pink Pineapple
    New post:

  7. Mark Sierp says:

    The black white stripe top is beautiful and actually holds the whole wardrobe altogether.
    Nice !!!!

  8. Emaliabiance says:

    So cool & elegant!! I like your jacket a lot.

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