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BLAZER: Theory  |  CULOTTES: White House Black Market (old, similar HERE and HERE)  |  BELT: Loewe  |  RED BAG: Gucci (also love THIS ONE and THIS ONE)  |  SHOES: old, similar HERE and HERE

I’m not quite old enough to have lived through 80s fashion the first time around, so I am pumped beyond WORDS to see a resurgence of everything 80s this spring.  Ok, ok.  Maybe I don’t wish back eeevery 80s trend.  I could probably do without the feathered bangs, mullets and those baggy short sleeve button-downs (usually in bright colors and geometric prints) a la Uncle Joey on Full House.  Definitely not my favorite looks.  HOWEVER, there is so much about 80s fashion that I absolutely love—structured longline blazers, cinched waists, tailored whites, oversized geometric jewelry, and pops of bold color—that have dominated the runways and street style set, and I can’t get enough.


While several trends featured in this series are indeed the creative offspring of 80s fashion (i.e. colorful geometric stripes and bare shoulders!), I felt that 80s redux deserved its own dedicated day of the series because of its widespread influence on style this season.  80s elements have been creeping onto the catwalk for the past few years, but never as strongly or literally as they did for Spring ’17.  We’re talking everything from sportswear-inspired varsity jackets to acid wash denim to balloon sleeves, mom jeans, concert tees and loads more.  Today I’m sporting a modern take on some of my favorite 80s-inspired trends, especially those that will be dominating my work wardrobe for the foreseeable future.  I’m talking crisp, tailored whites, structured longline blazers, statement waistbelts, oversized geometric jewelry and bold pops of color.

spring-summer-2017-trends-80s-style-influences-redux-shoulders-color-whites-blazer-classic-style-blog10 spring-summer-2017-trends-80s-style-influences-redux-shoulders-color-whites-blazer-classic-style-blog5

When incorporating 80s elements into your wardrobe, the goal is to be 80s-inspired, not necessarily 80s-themed.  The difference lies in having a modern interpretation of 80s influences, rather than looking like you’re in a Kelly Kapowski costume for 80s night at your local dive bar.  For example, while I’m not about to go perm (or better yet, crimp!) my hair anytime soon, a deep side part and a little extra volume in my loose waves seemed to be the perfect compliment to this look.  It’s a nod to the 80s hair flip without being too literal.



  • If you’re looking for a killer 80s-inspired pair of white pants, check out this pair.  I absolutely love the high waist, the pleats, and the cool ankle detail that alludes to an 80s stirrup.  Just ordered ’em!
  • The lightweight linen blazer I’m wearing today is going to be especially amazing come June when New York becomes a veritable sauna.  Since it’s linen, it’s supposed to have that slightly wrinkled look, but if that bugs you, opt for a white oversized blazer like this one.
  • Similar to some of the dresses I was highlighting yesterday, this stunning short sleeve white sheath dress nods to 80s inspiration with its geometric neckline while still being perfect for a day at the office.
  • Care to keep it simple?  Stock up on my favorite crisp non-iron shirts (I honestly own like 6 of these at least they’re the BEST) and wear them with high-waisted wide leg pants and a menswear loafer for a perfect 80s-inspired day at the office.



  • Statement earrings of all kinds are having a HUGE moment right now, and I’m fully losing it over this pair.  So 80s, SO GOOD.
  • Leopard has been back in full force in the last couple seasons, and this waist belt is the perfect 80s-inspired way to spice up any basic dress in your closet, or even a blazer like the one I’ve styled today!
  •  You’ve been seeing me wearing earrings identical to this pair for the past many months, and I’m so excited to have found a similar set.  Mine were a cheap Zara find and unfortunately, the metal started discoloring after only a few wears.  I’m obsessed with this style though and can’t wait to snag this new pair.
  • On the weekends, pair your favorite oversized blazers with a sleek mini skirt like this one.  You’ll get extra mileage out of your blazers and the combo makes for one of my favorite looks of the season.



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  1. Manuela says:

    You look wonderful! Like “Out of Africa”! I love your belt from LOEWE. There are only few knowing this old Spanish brand. Great!!!!

  2. Natali says:

    Classy, stylish and unique outfit! Your belt and bag are to die for!

  3. I absolutely ADORE your accessories with this outfit! x

  4. I did live through the 80’s…and loved it really!!
    In fact, my pastel story yesterday was me from the 80’s with my polo shirt and the popped collar! Who doesn’t love that!
    I have to admit, that I’m coveting this belt—it really makes the outfit shine, Mary!

  5. Love the global inspired 80’s belt! It’s the perfect choice of a trend piece while remaining classy for work.

  6. M says:

    Hair is looking amazing. Teach us your ways…

  7. Aure says:

    Super Great!…
    Iper Great!…
    Mega Great look!

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