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Ladylike Layering


While the changing temperatures can mess with your mind—sunny one day and back to freezing temperatures the next—they’re my favorite time of year for fashion.  Not only is it exciting to start donning some of your favorite Spring pieces after a long Winter, but the temperamental weather forces you to get creative with layers, which always make for the most interesting looks.


I bought this magenta jacquard midi dress last summer but didn’t end up having the chance to wear it.  Employing my favorite layering trick, I wore a classic white collared shirt underneath and belted a tailored blazer on top for this Winter-meets-Spring ensemble.

fuchsia-pink-magenta-jacquard-midi-skirt-dress-classic-tailored-double-breasted-black-jacket-brass-buttons-white-collar-nyc-blogger-classic-style5 fuchsia-pink-magenta-jacquard-midi-skirt-dress-classic-tailored-double-breasted-black-jacket-brass-buttons-white-collar-nyc-blogger-classic-style2fuchsia-pink-magenta-jacquard-midi-skirt-dress-classic-tailored-double-breasted-black-jacket-brass-buttons-white-collar-nyc-blogger-classic-style4 fuchsia-pink-magenta-jacquard-midi-skirt-dress-classic-tailored-double-breasted-black-jacket-brass-buttons-white-collar-nyc-blogger-classic-style3

DRESS: Badgley Mischka (sold out, but love THIS ONE and THIS ONE)  |   JACKET: St. John Knits (similar HERE and HERE)  |  SHIRT: Brooks Brothers  |  BELT: Topshop (similar HERE)  |  BAG: Saint Laurent  |  TIGHTS: Nordstrom  |  EARRINGS: similar HERE  |  SHOES: Saint Laurent (similar HERE and HERE)  |  SUNGLASSES: Smoke x Mirrors (love THESE)

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8 Responses to Ladylike Layering

  1. Soraya says:

    Me chifla el look, el vestido es una pasada de bonito.

    Te dejo mi nuevo post, el blanco no es sólo para el verano

  2. I think the white blouse adds so much sophistication to this look, Mary!
    I’m having Nancy (the 60’s model on my blog) do this with a t-shirt dress on Wednesday’s post!! I was really surprised at how great it looked!!!

  3. I just love how neat and structured this look is. Plus there’s a little playfulness with the hot pink dress! This is beautiful! Love it!

  4. Natali says:

    This outfit is incredible!!! Wow, you’re looking majestic top to bottom and I love your dress!

  5. patricia says:

    Wow great looking outfits, the pink pink midi dress looking pretty floral print effect beautiful, the white collar and pink dress and black coat layering a good effect for this outfit’s, the black coat is easily attractive the public and such a good playful chic outfit’s, thanks for sharing good and beautiful posts.

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