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Trends To Know: Turtlenecks and Statement Sleeves


Today I’m highlighting two of the biggest 2017 trends: the statement sleeve and the layered turtleneck.  We’ve been seeing both of these over the past many months, on and off runways, and I’m so happy that they’re here to stay.  First of all, I’ve always been obsessed with turtlenecks, even when they were very very very uncool.  I believe it was a source of much amusement for my brothers when I was in middle school, but even their daily ridicule could not cure me of my affinity for these cozy beauties.  Trendy or not, there’s just nothing better during the colder months, and this season it’s not just about the turtlenecks themselves.  It’s turtlenecks layered under everything—dresses, other sweaters, and (my favorite) button down shirts.


Now, this crisp white button down is not just your average joe crisp white button down.  As you can see above, it has the most amazing split bell sleeves joined by bow ties at the wrists.  Statement sleeves of all shapes and sizes have been making major waves this year (just take a spin through some of my favorites in the widget below!), but I’m a particular fan of the split sleeve variety.  This crisp, lightweight collared shirt will be an easy wear through the spring and summer, but I loved it layered over a turtleneck for a winter-friendly spin.  Especially with those split bell sleeves, the contrasting black turtleneck underneath really highlights the cool arm detail.

red-oversized-coat-grey-double-breasted-button-mini-skirt-tie-sleeve-white-shirt-layered-turtleneck-work-wear-memorandum-style-blog-nyc7red-oversized-coat-grey-double-breasted-button-mini-skirt-tie-sleeve-white-shirt-layered-turtleneck-work-wear-memorandum-style-blog-nyc9 red-oversized-coat-grey-double-breasted-button-mini-skirt-tie-sleeve-white-shirt-layered-turtleneck-work-wear-memorandum-style-blog-nyc8 red-oversized-coat-grey-double-breasted-button-mini-skirt-tie-sleeve-white-shirt-layered-turtleneck-work-wear-memorandum-style-blog-nyc2

I’ve worn this silver circle collar necklace obsessively since getting it last fall, and almost immediately went back to buy it in gold as well.  I often go for simple, geometric jewelry, and these beauties certainly fit the bill.  There are only a few left in stock, so I’ve rounded up a few similars below (including this near-identical silver version) since they will likely sell out in about 30 seconds…

red-oversized-coat-grey-double-breasted-button-mini-skirt-tie-sleeve-white-shirt-layered-turtleneck-work-wear-memorandum-style-blog-nyc6 red-oversized-coat-grey-double-breasted-button-mini-skirt-tie-sleeve-white-shirt-layered-turtleneck-work-wear-memorandum-style-blog-nyc-1red-oversized-coat-grey-double-breasted-button-mini-skirt-tie-sleeve-white-shirt-layered-turtleneck-work-wear-memorandum-style-blog-nyc5    SHIRT: Marks & Spencer  |  TURTLENECK: Three Dots  |  SKIRT: Marks & Spencer  |  COAT: Marc Jacobs (old, similar HERE and HERE)  |  TIGHTS: DKNY  |  SHOES: Saint Laurent (similar HERE)  |  BAG: Lo & Sons  |  NECKLACE: Argento Vivo  |  EARRINGS: old, similar HERE

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16 Responses to Trends To Know: Turtlenecks and Statement Sleeves

  1. Natali says:

    I’ve never seen as classy and stylish work wear outfits as I did and do on your blog!
    Superb outfits and this one is not any different. 🙂

  2. I absolutely adore the details like the necklace, sleeves, buttons on the skirt! xx

  3. Rachelle says:

    gorgeous work look, I particularly adore that skirt.


  4. Cindi Brankin says:

    Love this look. The coat is stunning! And on sale. ????

  5. My mom (the 70’s model on my blog) will be so happy to hear you say that about turtlenecks!! Not that I wanted her to get rid of all of them a couple years ago, but at least the holiday ones with the little holiday prints on them—LOL!

  6. These are two of my favorite trends right now. And you’re wearing them together. One can never go wrong with a black turtleneck because it can be dressed up for work and dressed down for after work activities. And the big sleeves trend is buzzing right now. I’ve seen so many “big sleeve” pieces that I can’t wait to try! You look amazing lady!!!

  7. What a great way to layer a turtleneck. I love the details on the white blouse–and that red coat is a stunner. Such a great cold weather look right here!

  8. Soraya says:

    Perfecta y la camisa tiene unos detalles preciosos.

    Te dejo mi nuevo post, un jumpsuit muy bonito

  9. Helen says:

    Love this tailored look! But please, HOW do you wear the ‘neck’ these days? Is it scrunched or folded?

    • Mary Orton says:

      You can do either! Here I have it actually folded over, but depending on the day, the outfit, and the turtleneck, sometimes I’ll wear it scrunched instead. Whatever you want, no rules!

  10. Veronica says:

    What a super stylish outfit. I adore the blouse sleeves and the stunning skirt!

  11. uptown18 says:

    great look for outdoor and office also..great choice great outfit

  12. Stephanie says:

    I love the coat! I am always afraid of wearing red but you make it look so fabulous.

  13. Kerri Spicer says:

    Gorgeous again… You do love to dress classy even with work wear. I do love your casual wear with jeans also. I work as a care giver and I do not have to dress for work but in casual wear. Thank you again for the inspiration you are to me, and all the help I gain from your blog, more NY style. I’m here in KY and have stared noticing a few more women in town dressing up a bit more then sweats and flipflops. LOL Have a sweet week!

  14. Kerri Spicer says:

    I have a question… you are very currant on the trends… and I have gone to several links that say that the oversized hand bags are not a good choice for todays handbag. Is this true or false? I love my oversized handbags but was wondering if this statement is true. They say that the clutch or smaller over the shoulder is more of a defined statement then the larger bags.

  15. Betty says:

    I ordered the skirt in navy and I was waaaay off on the UK sizing, despite referring to their size chart. The skirt is at least two sizes too big, which is a downer because the skirt is really nice.

    Ladies, Triple check your measurements if you plan to make this purchase.

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