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Ivory Blazer and Checked Mini


Working in the world of fashion, e-commerce and technology means that some days it’s appropriate (even necessary!) to wear things that were definitively not part of my work wardrobe during my days in traditional corporate America.  This look is a prime example, though really only in terms of the skirt length.  Mini skirt aside, the blazer, tights and classic feel of the look would have been perfect for an average day at the office.  For a more conservative spin, swap the mini skirt out for a pencil skirt like this one or this one.


If you’re looking for some fantastic basic turtlenecks, these are my absolute favorite.  They look great worn solo, but the super fine ribbed knit fabric also allows you to layer them comfortably under anything (i.e. the ivory blazer I’m wearing today) without feeling like you’re wearing football pads.  They also come in a million colors and are super affordable.  I have them in navy, black, white and red.  Two huge thumbs up.

black-white-check-mini-skirt-tory-burch-turtleneck-tights-over-the-knee-boots-stuart-weitzman-double-breasted-blazer-trench-coat-classic-style11 black-white-check-mini-skirt-tory-burch-turtleneck-tights-over-the-knee-boots-stuart-weitzman-double-breasted-blazer-trench-coat-classic-style9black-white-check-mini-skirt-tory-burch-turtleneck-tights-over-the-knee-boots-stuart-weitzman-double-breasted-blazer-trench-coat-classic-style5 black-white-check-mini-skirt-tory-burch-turtleneck-tights-over-the-knee-boots-stuart-weitzman-double-breasted-blazer-trench-coat-classic-style1black-white-check-mini-skirt-tory-burch-turtleneck-tights-over-the-knee-boots-stuart-weitzman-double-breasted-blazer-trench-coat-classic-style8black-white-check-mini-skirt-tory-burch-turtleneck-tights-over-the-knee-boots-stuart-weitzman-double-breasted-blazer-trench-coat-classic-style12

As we’ve fallen into the depths of winter here in NYC, I’ve gotten tons of questions lately about my favorite tights and pantyhose.  Today I’m wearing the brand Spanx, and these are definitely among my favorite pairs of opaque tights.  I have a few additional favorite brands that I typically gravitate towards, but am going to do a bit more research testing out different kinds before I write up a post with my recommendations.  Until then, I’m curious, do you have any particular favorites?  Please share in the comments below if there’s a brand you really love!

black-white-check-mini-skirt-tory-burch-turtleneck-tights-over-the-knee-boots-stuart-weitzman-double-breasted-blazer-trench-coat-classic-style4 black-white-check-mini-skirt-tory-burch-turtleneck-tights-over-the-knee-boots-stuart-weitzman-double-breasted-blazer-trench-coat-classic-style2

SKIRT: Tory Burch (on sale!!)  |  SWEATER: Three Dots  |  BLAZER: Reiss (old, but LOVE this one on sale!)  |  COAT: Topshop  |  TIGHTS: Spanx  |  BOOTS: Stuart Weitzman  |  GLOVES: Fownes Brothers  |  SUNGLASSES: Smoke x Mirrors (similar HERE)  |  EARRINGS: Zara (old, similar HERE)  |  LIP: L’Oreal (in “Statement Nude“)

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28 Responses to Ivory Blazer and Checked Mini

  1. Rachelle says:

    Loving that skirt and it looks perfect with this fab blazer.


  2. Kathy says:

    A great look that definitely would work in the office if the skirt was just a bit longer. I LOVE the blazer and would also pair it with cream/white pants. Regarding the hose/tight question…..I seldom wear them since I’ve retired. However, when working for the government, our furniture was always old and I’d forever ruin a pair of hose quickly. So I stuck to the basic Hanes brand with an occasional more upscale brand like DKNY for meetings or presentations. I usually wore colors like suntan, gentle brown or gentle black. I never wore tights and don’t really know why. They would have been a bit warmer probably.

  3. I love your outfits, all the time, but I might actually (creepily) save one of these photos to share with my hair dresser… LOVE your fringe! x

  4. Areli says:

    LOVE the skirt its so gorgeous and perfect for winter
    areli’s april
    follow on

  5. Love that skirt! The fringe is an added bonus. Such a great cold weather look!

  6. Liv says:

    So chic! A great look for the office!


  7. Soraya says:

    Un look perfecto de oficina para los días más fríos. Estas perfecta. Un beso

  8. adrienne says:

    Sounds crazy but the Hanes brand tights from Target are amazing (and inexpensive). I am constantly on an airplane for work and they have proven themselves to stand up against the most aggressive under-the-seat Velcro situations unlike the Spanx version which pill. Highly recommend you give them a whirl

    PS loving Trove. Although you’re out of beta, wishin’ you had some variation of an online suggestion box for users with some ideas cookin’

  9. Mary says:

    love the skirt!
    I can’t wait for the panty hose/tights write-up! I have a light skin tone with freckles and some of the nude hose are too sheer and some are too reddish. I have spent countless dollars trying to find the right color. I want a sheer with just a little nude color. Don’t want my legs to stand out but want to accentuate what I have.
    I wear Spanks tights, love them.

  10. Camille says:

    Love the cold-weather look! A white coat is so refreshing in a sea of black NYC coats. And that YSL bag is everything. What an amazing touch!

  11. Eleni says:

    Love the look may need to copy you when I head into the city this week 🙂 My favs are AT Perfect Tights .. they are warm, soft and comfortable, the name says it all once I bought my first pair I never went back to any other brand.

  12. Dana Sheehan says:

    As always a classy and well coordinated outfit,
    and weather appropriate as well.

  13. Serena Poli says:

    We French women always go for DIM tights! Very elegant, not over-priced but not inexpensive either, they make one’s legs look very glamorous. Once in a while I will go for Wolford, but their tights can go up to $200 while being as fragile as the others…

  14. Leah says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! All of your outfits are sheer perfection!
    xx Leah

  15. Sarah says:

    Wolford makes the best tights! I am not sure how they stay in business because their tights last FOR-EVER. The thickest, heaviest ones are quite warm so be aware of that – they can get too hot. But overall, they’re the best I’ve found (and I wear tights all winter long so I’m kind of an expert 🙂 )

  16. Molly says:

    These Vera Wang tights are great and Kohl’s always has sales running:

    I would love it if you could blog about appropriate attire for a work conference. I’m going to an attorney conference in Vegas in March and I would love some inspiration!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I do almost no shopping at Express anymore, but have been stuck on their body shaping opaque (and sheer) tights for years. They just NEVER rip, hold you in & stay up! In fact, 5 years later, they are pilling like a sweater would under the foot (but haven’t ripped).

  18. Jess says:

    Hi Mary! – I know this may not be the “typical” comment you receive on your blog, but I just had to write to let you know how much your work (and fashion) has inspired me!

    I’m a boy in his early twenties who just adores feminine fashion… there are so many fun, creative options! I’m not transgendered or gay, I just prefer the clothes! 🙂

    You have inspired me to finally be bold enough to try working women’s fashion into my everyday wardrobe… Seeing how put-together your looks are have given me confidence to use them as a basis for my own looks! Sometime’s it’s a note-for-note copy of your outfits, and sometimes just a piece here or there!

    I have very supportive friends, family and workplace and being able to shop and dress this way and express style and creativity has changed my life!

    Thank you for doing what you do and helping folks like me!

    – Jess

  19. Charmaine Amy says:

    Topshop’s black 120 Denier Opaque Tights are amazing: very opaque, not shiny, not itchy, don’t sag throughout the day, and are affordable.

  20. Cat says:

    Talbots nylons are great. They take a beating. I don’t usually shop Talbot’s, but I stock up on those. Hue opaque tights also hold up, but I’d love a bit more shaping from them.

  21. Chantelle says:

    This is a gorgeous look! I love how you layered the jackets and threw in a pop of olive green. xo

  22. I love how you paired the OTK boots with the skirt. These two go great together! I think the best OTK boots are those that fit your calves and legs perfectly. Knowing your calf circumference will help in making sure that you pick the right OTK boots for your legs. These look great with work dresses and skirts. They create a smooth silhouette.

  23. runi mehta says:

    I swear by Marks & Spencer tights. Super affordable, last forever and come in a bunch of designs. You will never regret it.

  24. Karra B says:

    If you are not allergic to silicon… I recommend “hold-up” stockings. Not tights… unless I need color. I wish there were more colors in those hold-up (no need for a garters) stockings. Commando does make a nice opaque black tights. One Hanes place has a nice lace top super-sheer nude stocking. Much more comfortable than pantyhose. Bonus: get a run in one leg… just throw that leg away! Oh, and going to the bathroom is easier too.

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