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Today I’m offering up all the details on my very favorite gifts under $50!  I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, it seems like random gift guides are everywhere, yet very few seem to have much substance.  I always come away wondering who in the world would actually give these gifts?  To avoid adding to the noise, I’ve carefully curated the following list with only things that I’ve tried first-hand—most of them gifts that I’ve actually given or received (or bought for myself along the way… shhhhhh).  You can click on each item in the graphic below, but be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post where I provide detailed information on each item and why I think it makes for a fantastic gift.  I hope these ideas help knock a few things off your list!  If there are any great gifts you’ve found that I’ve missed, please share in the comments!!


  1. REVERSIBLE PLAID SCARF  //  This reversible scarf is super warm and soft, and is big enough to wear as a shawl.  Having two plaid patterns doubles its wearability with styling options galore and makes it the perfect go-with-everything scarf for everyday or traveling!  As an alternative, this one is super similar and crazy cute too.
  2. TRAVEL STEAMER  //  I got this clothing steamer last year for traveling, and I haven’t traveled without it since.  It’s the perfect compact size, and de-wrinkles my stuff in no time!  Such a great gift for the traveler.
  3. SILK PILLOWCASE  //  If you haven’t heard about the benefits of silk pillow cases, listen up: silk fibers are less absorbent than other fibers, so these pillowcases help your skin retain moisture and nutrients from the products you apply before bed.  ALSO, unlike ordinary pillowcases, smooth, slippery silk doesn’t stretch and tug on delicate facial skin and doesn’t pull and tangle your hair throughout the night.  With these babies, you can officially kiss bedhead goodbye and maintain your hairstyle for much, much longer.  I’ve been using this silk pillowcase for months and it has been a total game-changer for my skin and hair.  They can get pricey, so I’ve listed this one by Drybar (the hair experts!) which I’ve heard great things about and is under $50.  Fantastic price for 100% silk.
  4. PERFUME GIFT SET  //  Ok, so I broke the $50 rule on this perfume gift set, but only by $15 (it’s only $65!).  However, I had to include it here because I think it’s one of the absolute best gifts you can give.  Here’s the deal: Sephora puts together fifteen samples (really good-sized samples) of their best-selling perfumes (we’re talking Tom Ford, Tory Burch, Chloe, Prada… only the best of the best) and includes with the samples a gift certificate for one full-sized perfume.  This way, the recipient has the opportunity to test out all of the best perfumes and get a full-sized bottle of her favorite!  Genius!  (If you have to stay south of $50, check out this amazing set that I love at only $45.)
  5. FRESHWATER CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE  // This is a beautiful gift for any lucky lady on your list.  A simple gold chain with a single freshwater pearl makes for the perfect timeless addition to any outfit—in or out of the office.
  6. MINIMERGENCY KIT  //  These cute kits make for home-run gifts.  The deluxe bridal kit literally saved my wedding day when one of my bridesmaids massively ripped her dress moments before the ceremony, and I always keep the regular minimergency kits (how hilariously cute is this one?!) in my desk, bag, you name it.  They also now have a travel kit and a tech kit that are amazing as well.
  7. MOLTON BROWN LOTION & HAND SOAP  //  Molton Brown is easily my favorite brand of hand soaps and lotions, and their Christmas Frankincense & All Spice fragrance will blow. your. mind.  Whether you give the hand lotion, the hand soap, or both, it’s one of my favorite hostess gifts to give.
  8. TILE PHONE & KEY FINDER  //  If losing your keys and/or iPhone were an Olympic sport, Michael Phelps would have nothing on me.  These amazing bluet00th-enabled gadgets will ensure you never have trouble finding anything again.
  9. PEPPERMINT TWIST SNOW TUBE  //  As a kid from Wisconsin, I can’t think of anything more fun in the winter than sledding and snow tubing.  Whether you’re buying for your five-year-old niece or your 65-year-old dad, this is a gift that everyone can get excited about.  Check out the rest of their cute tubes (emojis and all!) here and here.
  10. MOCCASIN SLIPPERS  //  There’s nothing more glorious than a new pair of slippers, and this pair is no exception.  I particularly love these ones because they come in three colors, have super thick (and soft!) faux shearling lining and with rubber bottoms, you can dash outside or run quick errands without having to change your shoes.  I am often seen running down to the mailroom or to the next door bakery in these babies!
  11. BOBBLE INSULATED WATER BOTTLE  //  You know from this previous post that I’m OBSESSED with these water bottles.  They make for a fantastic gift for him or her (they come in multiple colors!) and will be used like crazy—for morning coffee, for bringing soup to the office for lunch, or for keep ice water super cold at the gym.  To give you an idea, I filled mine with ice water at 3pm yesterday, drank out of it all evening, added more water before bed, and when I woke up the next morning (8 hours later) the ice cubes from 3pm the day before were still intact.  Insanity.
  12. PIGGY POWER BANK PORTABLE CHARGER  //  These days, everyone is in need of a little extra juice so all of these adorable portable charger options make for a universally great gift.  For a couple bucks more, check out this tassel charger, this cute striped charger or  these super popular charging cases.
  13. KATE SPADE’S ‘ALL IN GOOD TASTE’  //  This is another amazing gift for the hostess or anyone!  It’s a modern take on all things entertaining, and is packed with amazing information, all wrapped up in loads of Kate Spade cuteness.  I’ve given this as a gift several times in the past year, and am ordering a few more to give for the holidays!
  14. MUAH! TRINKET BOX  //  Trinket trays and boxes like this one and this one make for the cutest gifts, but are actually really practical too.  I keep mine in places throughout the house where I have a tendency to take my rings off, like next to the kitchen sink when I’m cooking or doing dishes.  They keep my jewelry safe and also serve as super cute decorative touches.
  15. MONOGRAMMED SOAPS  //  For the hostess with the mostess, these monogrammed soaps make for a super thoughtful gift that can been used anytime of year.  It’s also a great housewarming gift for newlyweds!
  16. PEPPERMINT BARK  //  In case you forgot to snatch some up during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, be sure to stock up on these Williams-Sonoma goodies while they’re 20% off right now!  Nobody does peppermint bark better than them, and every type comes in the most beautiful vintage tin which makes the gift even sweeter.  They have tons of other goodies including absolutely amazing salted caramels and special treats for dog lovers!
  17. EMOJI COCKTAIL NAPKINS  //  Another perfect hostess gift, I’m OBSESSED with these linen emoji cocktail napkins.  They have everything from the devil emoji, to the angel emoji, to the ever-popular crying-laughing face.  Too good.
  18. NUTELLA COOKBOOK  // I mean, do I need to explain why this is a great idea?  Two words: NUTELLA CHEESECAKE.  Case made.
  19. TROPICAL COCKTAIL KIT  //  Need a gift for someone headed to warm weather for the holidays or new years?  This kit comes with a cocktail shaker, coasters, ice cubes, umbrellas, straws, stirrers, and drink recipes.  All you need to find is a generous bartender…
  20. CREATE YOUR OWN TUTU KIT  //  My beadazzling inner ten-year-old freaked out when I saw this.  It’s a kit that allows you to make your own tutu.  Obviously, this is a fantastic gift for any little girl on your list, but I’m also thinking it would be hilarious/super fun for a bachelorette party!
  21. JANE AUSTEN’S GUIDE TO GOOD MANNERS  //  For my fellow anglophiles—those with a particular affinity for 19th century British literature—this gift can’t be beat.  The book offers the most charming fictionalized correspondence between Jane Austen and her niece Anna, providing Regency-era advice on all things proper.
  22. HOT CHOCOLATE TIN + SNOWFLAKE MARSHMALLOWS  // Again, Williams-Sonoma knocks it outta the park with the seasonal cuteness.  This hot chocolate comes in another one of their adorable vintage tins and these snowflake-shaped marshmallows?! I mean, it just doesn’t get cuter.  They have a ton of different hot chocolate flavors, and take a peek through all of the different marshmallows they have!  Reindeer?! Snowmen?!  I’m dead.  All of these cute marshmallows sold out really early last year, so snatch them up while they’re still in stock.
  23. ADDRESS EMBOSSER  //  I’m a huge fan of handwritten notes, and absolutely love personalized stationery sets like these, these or these (all under $50!).  However, there are tons of beautiful notes (like these!) that can’t be personalized… unless of course you are in possession of the glorious address embosser.  This device allows you to stamp your return address on any envelope which adds such a nice personalized touch to every card.
  24. DIPTYQUE ‘FEU DE BOIS’ CANDLE  //  Diptyque has long been my favorite line of candles, and their Feu De Bois scent is always my go-to winter scent.  However, without a bad scent in the bunch, you have lots to choose from.  You can never go wrong with a beautiful candle!

Happy shopping!  Also, be sure to check back here tomorrow for something very special that I can’t wait to share with you!! xx

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7 Responses to HOLIDAY GIFTS UNDER $50

  1. DP says:

    Loooove these gift ideas! Thanks Mary!

  2. Kathy says:

    Great ideas. I have the Kate Spade and Jane Austen books and love those slippers. Rubber soles are great for dashing outside to the mailbox at the curb. I have a pair on my wish list.

  3. Meagan says:

    I would love a travel steamer! Adding that to my wish list!

  4. Alex H. says:

    Wow finally a gift list that’s actually helpful! SO many great ideas! Haha I’m totally taking that tutu idea for bachelorettes. LOVE <3<3

  5. Lucy says:

    Fantastic picks! I love the travel steamer – I’ve been meaning to get one for home for ages! Plus that silk pillowcase is such a steal! I bought one recently from Slip & it’s lifechanging!

    Check out my first Hawaii outfit on the blog now |

  6. toni says:

    does the scarf shed?

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