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Red Turtleneck Dress


First off, if you missed yesterday’s post you should high-tail it over THERE to read up on the killer sale that’s happening right now because things are selling out left and right and friends don’t let friends miss out on 30% off full-priced perfect designer jeans like these.  MMK?


And now to the subject at hand, which incidentally also includes a dress that’s on major sale: this perfect fit-and-flare turtleneck dress that I bought in black last year and wore so dang much that I audibly gasped when seeing it was back in stock this season and immediately bought it in red.  I also may or may not currently have the blue version in my shopping cart right now.  SOMEBODY HOLD ME BACK.


This dress is my ultimate cold-weather workwear (slash everywhere) staple.  I can get away with bare legs in San Francisco still, but I can say from experience that it looks great with tights and boots when the winter really sets in.  It’s flattering on absolutely every body type, and is so so SO comfortable that once you spend a day in this cozy deliciousness you’ll be buying it in every color too.   Consider yourself warned.


I’m happy to report that despite being worn more than any other winter dress in my closet, my black version still looks brand new.  So, I can confidently say that the quality is impeccable, and this is exactly the kind of timeless investment that’s worth every penny.


Speaking of investment pieces that pay off, this leather vest is a casual 50% off right now and after purchasing it about two months ago (somewhat hesitantly I have to admit), I have worn it CONSTANTLY.  It is such an easy layer to throw on when you want a little extra warmth (but nothing too cumbersome, you know?) and seems to just make every outfit a million times better.  Can’t recommend it highly enough.


One last thing before I leave you to your morning coffee and listless ruminations over the dire state of the U.S. political system:

If you follow me on instagram (@maryorton) and are ever interested in something I’m wearing over there, you can now find links to everything under the Shop tab on the top navigation bar here on  If you hover over Shop, you’ll see Instagram show up as the first drop-down menu item where you can find all the product info from my instagram posts, including this amazing cableknit cold-shoulder sweater I wore yesterday that’s somehow inexplicably only $28.  Bonkers.

red-turtleneck-dress-fit-and-flare-sjp-collection-carrie-pumps-black-leather-vest-work-wear-fashion-blogger3  DRESS: Lafayette 148 (also comes in Black and Royal Blue! I styled the black version HERE)  |  VEST: Dawn Levy (50% off!!)  |  NECKLACE: Argento Vivo (similar HERE) |  SHOES: SJP Collection (also HERE and lower heel version HERE and HERE)  |  BAG: similar HERE

Happy Thursday!! xx

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9 Responses to Red Turtleneck Dress

  1. Paola says:

    You look beautiful with this red dress!

  2. Natali says:

    Classy and elegant, purely charming lady in red! 🙂

  3. Tinisha says:

    Would this be a good piece to take to London in April? Lightweight and comfortable? Looks like you could mix and match accessories, which is fabulous.

  4. Marta says:

    The dress is stunning. It’s so casual but it’s so easy to dress it up, it’s beautiful. And the colour is gorgeous as well.

  5. Minau says:

    Great look! The dress is so pretty!

  6. Carol says:

    Mary, I love your style! Can you tell me about these glasses that you have been wearing lately?

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