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Black and White Reversible Knit Midi Dress

black and white striped midi dressknit black and white vneck dress

When I originally ordered this midi dress, it was shown on the Bloomingdales website as having a crewneck front and a v-back—essentially the reverse of how you see me wearing it today.  However, when it arrived, I found that the tag is actually sewn on the inside of the crewneck side, signaling that the v-back is actually a v-neck front.  I’m not sure if this was a manufacturing error with misplaced tags, or if the stylists/model at Bloomingdales accidentally photographed it backwards, but regardless, I’ve now tried it on both ways and the knit construction allows it to be worn very comfortably either way.  I don’t think it was necessarily intended to be reversible, but the reality is that you’re basically getting two dresses for the price of one!  Error or not, that’s a major win in my book.

black and white knit midi dress ankle strap sandalsvneck knit black and white dress knit midi dress

I wore this last friday to the Baccalaureate Mass for my younger brother’s college graduation.  Not only can it be worn backwards or forwards, but the dress’s midi length and classic cut makes it perfect for everything from summer workdays, to rehearsal dinners, or even weddings themselves.

knit black and white stripe dressblack-white-stripe-knit-midi-dress-maje-regret-v-back-sleeveless-fashion-classic-style-blog-san-francisco-blogger-sf-memorandum-mary-orton10 black-white-stripe-knit-midi-dress-maje-regret-v-back-sleeveless-fashion-classic-style-blog-san-francisco-blogger-sf-memorandum-mary-orton8

Speaking of wedding season, today is June 1st which means we’re looking at three months of prime wedding time!  If you’re attending any weddings this season and not sure what to wear, check out the wedding section of my Spring / Summer 2016 Dress Memo which has loads of inspiration for everything from rehearsal dinners, to beach weddings, to black-tie weddings and more!

Black and White Reversible Knit Midi Dressblack and white reversible knit midi dress black and white reversible knit midi dress DRESS: Maje (also HERE, skirt version HERE, and similar version HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE)  |  SANDALS: Steve Madden (also love these similar ones with criss-cross detail)  |  BAG: M2Malletier  |  SUNGLASSES: Stella McCartney

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16 Responses to Black and White Reversible Knit Midi Dress

  1. Natali says:

    Looking so beautiful and ladylike in this outfit! I like your dress very much!

  2. Rach says:

    I had no idea that the placement of the tag determines how the dress/clothes should faced! That’s good to note! Also, I love how this dress can be worn reversible! It looks awesome!

  3. Camille says:

    Such a clever move! I love the v-neck & zipper combo in the front, it’s so flattering. I did check out the Bloomingdale’s photo from the bottom of the article because I was curious about what you said. It does look like the back was supposed to be the front (oops!) but wearing it backwards definitely gives it a more conservative vibe, which can be useful.
    Anyway, the dress is gorgeous and I love how you styled it. Those sunglasses are perfection.

  4. Love this dress! So pretty, and it’s great that it’s so versatile.

  5. Jennifer Green says:

    The v-neck front looks perfect, I wouldn’t do wear it the other way. Btw, I love how long it is, I’m tired of super short dresses. Keep it up!

    – Jennifer

  6. Jennifer Green says:

    The v-neck front looks perfect, I wouldn’t do wear it the other way. Btw, I love how long it is, I’m tired of super short dresses.

    – Jennifer

  7. This is such fine, just to know you have two dresses for the price of one (even if you always wear it front). Fashionistas are always looking for a haul !! Well done

  8. Monika says:

    Love the pattern on this dress! So unique!

  9. Cinzia Satta says:

    Anyway, this dress is really gorgeous ! Great B&W look!

    new post ” mini is back”

  10. I think the v in the front is definitely more interesting!!
    It reminds me of the time, I was with a friend and she accidentally tried on a dress backwards—needless to say, it didn’t fit right and we could figure out why until the saleslady corrected us!!

  11. Edye says:

    Such a unique, gorgeous dress! Love this sleek look <3

    Edye |

  12. Kari says:

    Beautiful dress! I love the simple black and white lines.

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  14. Angelina says:

    I love the dress and the matching black bag and shoes set it off to a tee. Great photo shoot too. keep them coming

    Angelina from

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