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Ivory Plaid Sheath Dress

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DRESS: Dress the Population  |  COAT: Topshop (similar HERE, HERE and HERE)  |  SHOES: Kate Spade New York (similar HERE, HERE and HERE)  |  BAG: Dolce&Gabbana  |  EARRINGS: Ann Taylor  |  LIPS: Buxom (Brooklyn)

Nothing like a melange of nudes and a classic sheath dress to start the workweek off on the right foot.  The super light, stretchy material of this sheath dress might make it the most comfortable one I’ve owned, while the textured plaid print makes it both super flattering and super forgiving.

A dress that’s stretchy and forgiving?  Sounds like the ideal Monday dress for someone who spent Superbowl Sunday basically having a wing eating competition with herself.  Yikes.

Quick disclaimer on this dress: It has a deep v and relatively high slight in the back.  To make sure you’re covered (in more ways than one) at the office, I suggest tacking the slit a couple inches at the top so it’s not quite so high.  A tailor can do this for virtually nothing or you can do this easily yourself.  If you work in a conservative environment, you will also want to wear a blazer (like this one) during office hours due to the deep v in the back.  Otherwise, you can check out similar dresses here, here, here and here that are fuss-free!

Happy Monday!

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21 Responses to Ivory Plaid Sheath Dress

  1. Caitlin says:

    Gorgeous dress! Love it with the nude purse and heels!
    xo, Caitlin

  2. Christina says:

    Loving the dress! I need some new work clothes and that is perfect!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  3. Natali says:

    Beautiful!! I like how feminine, classy and trendy you look in this outfit!

  4. Kathy says:

    Love the whole outfit. Classy and classic.

  5. Silkarmour says:

    Absolutely in love with the jacket, nude colours always work so well for the office when it comes to jackets and heels!

  6. Paola says:

    Beautiful outfit as always

  7. Anca says:

    I love the fact that you are always so feminine! Great outfit!

  8. The dress and coat are gorgeous, Mary! I love everything about is outfit.

  9. welovefur says:

    I really like this look perfect in every particular.
    This dress was tailored for you
    I love your style and your blog too.
    Visit mine if you want
    many kisses

  10. Jacqueline says:

    I left a similar comment on your instagram…sorry for stalking:) On the Nordstrom website, it looks like the dress has a pretty low back and a high slit in the back. But the fabric and the front look pretty work appropriate- especially the way you styled it with a jacket! Tell me more:)

    • Mary Orton says:

      I would recommend ordering one size larger than your normal size so it isn’t too tight, and adding a blazer–then you should be good to go!

      • Jen says:

        I really like the dress but I gotta be honest, I’d never buy it for work – only to be trapped in a blazer the whole day. At least the office I work in – too much skin

  11. Minau says:

    Such a lovely look! Great dress!

  12. Flo says:

    I was eyeing this Dress the Population number. I will definatley be following them as they offer (gasp) length appropriate options with (swoon) sleeves! Thanks for the great post Mary! It’s already Tuesday in Saudi inspired to do a neutral look!

  13. Christine says:

    Totally inappropriate. Looks work-worthy from the front, but the very high slit up the back, and very low back (no way can you wear a regular bra with this) mean this dress is cocktail-party only. Wearing this to work would raise *lots* of eyebrows. Let’s get real about what’s really work- appropriate and what’s not.

  14. Thuy says:

    Love the dress. Perfect for work but good heads up on the deep v at the back.

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