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conservative office style Apr 19, 2013

Addressing the Shirtdress

This, ladies, is a what a SHIRTDRESS looks like.  It is an actual real dress that is the stylistic extension of the traditional oxford shirt.  Uh huh.  Yup.  I’m sure.
Recently, I’ve been visually assaulted by certain strains of the menswear trend attempting to convince females everywhere that belting a dude’s shirt magically transforms said shirt into a “dress” – hence the rampant misuse of the term shirtdress of late.  
Regardless of whether you’re a proponent of this trend on the weekends when you can go all WILD AND CRAZY AND PUT A DUDE’S SHIRT ON AND BELT IT AND CALL IT A DRESS BECAUSE YOU’RE AWESOME AND YOU CAN SHOW YOUR BUTT TO THE WORLD IF YOU WANT TO, I would strongly advise against this lovely little DIY project when headed to the office.  Seriously.  I’m begging you.

Happy Friday!  

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Dress: Ralph Lauren (similar here or check out this one which is different, but awesome); Shoes: Ann Taylor; Necklace: Ralph Lauren; Rings: Majorica, unknown; Silver Bracelet: unknown; Polish: Essie (Silken Cord)

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conservative office style Apr 18, 2013

Boston Love

The Boston Red Sox were never my home team before, but this week, Boston is everyone’s home team. Sending infinite love and prayers to Boston, and never been so proud to sport some Boston red and white.

Please help those affected by the tragedy in Boston by donating here.

Important Note: At the office, I almost never leave a shirt untucked.  Because this blouse is a very thick silk and is finished with detailing at the bottom hem, I make an exception.  As a rule however, 99% of blouses should be tucked in at all times at the office.  And, if your workplace is very formal, you should have your blouse tucked in pretty much 100% of the time.
Pants: Theory (similar here); Jacket: Theory; Blouse: ADAM; Shoes: Ann Taylor; Bracelets: Ralph Lauren; Necklace: Leslie Danzis; Rings: Gorjana; Nails: Essie (Silken Cord)

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conservative office style Apr 16, 2013

Go Stripe Yourself

I made the mistake of shooting this outfit while traveling home to Wisconsin. Why was this a mistake? Because my brothers were in tow. Let’s just say there was no shortage of Pepto Bismol jokes about this color. Whatever, dudes. You’re just jealous you can’t rock this color combo at your office.

Sweater: J. Crew; Skirt: J. Crew; Blazer: J. Crew; Pumps: Ann Taylor; Cuff Bracelet: J. Crew (similar here); Necklace: Amrita Singh; Earrings and Turquoise Ring: old; Polish: Essie (Fiji)

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conservative office style Apr 15, 2013

Monday Muse

Bad case of the Mondays?  Well not for long, suckers.  
On days like today when you’re not exactly eager to face the world, try easing into a new work week with a more subdued spring fashion trend: neutrals!  While bright prints and bold color combos may be stealing the spotlight this spring, Calvin Klein‘s Spring 2013 Collection as well as other design houses like Tibi (see dress below) offer us amazing inspiration for pairing together neutral pieces and colors.  These neutral fashion elements more often serve as the foundation for the addition of a brighter statement piece and rarely get to be the center of attention themselves.  Today, however, there’s no need for a colorful print, bright shoe, or neon bangle.  In fact, the sleek sophistication of this neutral ensemble leaves me thinking… Color? Who needs color?
Well, maybe just throw on a pink nail to spice things up a bit.  I mean, let’s not go crazy here.  You know I can’t be completely deprived of color…
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Spoiler Alert: In addition to some serious fashion inspiration, The Classy Cubicle’s instagram feed has featured the likes of Meryl Streep and Reese’s Minis.  You’re going to want to get in on this.

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conservative office style Apr 11, 2013

Suit Up

This spring, the sartorially astute have been sporting some seriously swanky suiting. (Ok, I promise the rest of this post is not written as one giant alliteration.) I for one can’t get enough of these stunning suits (last one, promise), and the best part of the rampant suiting trend is that these suckers are perfect for work or play. This particular full suit may be best worn at the office, but you better believe the pieces will be stepping out of my closet separately for some of my favorite après work and weekend looks this spring and summer. 

However, if you’re new to this look and you’re anything like my brothers, you may immediately salivate over all of the “OMG SHOULDER PADS” jokes that spring to mind upon initial viewing. I’d never want to deprive you of any joyous mockery, so before you fall completely in love with the style, let me just help get all of the heckling out of your system:

        1.    Even my Aunt Cindy’s feathered bangs are thinking you look like an 80s throwback. Speaking of which… omg it’s #throwbackthursday.

        2.    If the wardrobes of Elaine Benes and Clair Huxtable procreated, your super-shouldered suit would be their vaguely androgenous lovechild.

        3.    First we hear that New Kids on the Block are trying to stage a comeback and now THIS?!

Ok enough already. These double-breasted beauties are back in full force so get on board. I’m also rocking the monochrome trend today as well because this color? Delish.

Suit: Vintage (similar here); Shoes: Kelly & Katie; Jewelry: Vintage; Polish: Fingers – Essie (Fiji), Toes – Essie (Aperitif)

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cubicle crimes Apr 10, 2013

Nuclear Nails

Thanks to the fall 2013 runway shows of designers like Costello Tagliapietra, Katie Gallagher, Monique Lhullier and Nicole Miller, metallic nail polish is officially… a thing.  The jury is still out on whether I hate this trend or not (I did once claim to hate florals of pretty much every kind and we all know how that rivalry ended).  However, I can firmly say that as far as the office goes, metallic nails should be put squarely on the same cubicle crime pile as neon nails.  

When you’re spitting brilliance at the office, you don’t want your colleagues to be distracted by the possibility of radiation poisoning due to exposure to your fingers that may or may not be dipped in uranium.

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