Monday Muse Apr 29, 2013

Monday Muse

This week’s Monday Muse came from the sparkling pages of Marie Claire magazine.  The magazine always has amazing “@work” pieces, but this month, the magazine arrived in the mail with a full “@work” supplement.  In an interview with the fabulous Nina Garcia, Giorgio Armani discusses all things office chic and leaves us with the following quote that speaks so squarely to what The Classy Cubicle is all about…

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  1. This is fabulous – Giorgio Armani understood a woman’s worth in the workplace and how her wardrobe should reflect that. I’ve always found that the right outfit instantly sets a person apart – not in an exclusive or snobby way, but in a way that says “I take my job seriously.” Armani has nailed it on the head – women want to be seen as the valuable contributors that they are. Thank you for sharing the snippet from the article. I love Marie Claire.

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